5 summer tips for your rental business

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Winter is over, well almost, and now is the hurrah season. Summer is an extremely popular time to take vacation, so dust off your linens and get ready for the busy business season.

For owners who are looking to stay ahead of the curve. Here are some tips to be proactive this summer:

1. Photos:

Made your listing during winter season, and have photos with limited ambient light to show off your living room? Have updated your property and have not updated photos? Don’t delay this. Photos are often quoted by travelers amongst the top reason for choosing a listing.

PriceLabs tip: Have a good wireless internet connection, show a photo of your wireless internet speed in your listing photos. You can do a wireless speed test at multiple websites like this:

2. Update neighborhood info:

Probably things around your neighborhood have changed since last summer. When choosing a place, people often look at what’s around the house. Take advantage of yelp (or your local equivalent of yelp) to give tourists flavor of restaurants, cafes, bars around you. Also, make sure your property is correctly located on the map.

PriceLabs tip: Go beyond Yelp and tell your guests about your local favorite and why you like it. Guests staying at your place love it!

3. Clean and clean again:

Nothing is more annoying than walking into a house that is not clean. This is a certain recipe for bad reviews. Busy booking season may mean that you will have back to back bookings. Have a check in and check out time for your guests, so that you can use the time in between for a thorough clean.

PriceLabs tip: Use local maid and cleaning services to speed up your operations. Build a relationship with them and often times they will be willing to give you discount as frequent user of the service. You can use services like: MaidThis!

4. Be responsive:

You’ll probably receive multiple requests for availability and information. Often times these requests will have overlapping dates. It’s important to be responsive to these inquiries. If you respond quickly, guests are more likely to remember you and your property. Also, marketplaces like Airbnb ding you for slow response, by pushing you down in the search or even blocking your account.

PriceLabs tip: Stay at the top of your game, create standard templates to respond to guests. Set minimum stays if you do not want a new guest every day.

5. Pricing strategy:

Come up with your pricing strategy. Guests shop around. They look at dozens of properties before booking, comparing amenities and prices. Price is one of the easiest thing to pick up for guests. Know your competition. That doesn’t mean price below your competition, but understanding where you fall in comparison to your competition. On days when there is high demand, increase your prices to maximize your revenue. On low demand days, decrease your prices to increase your chances of booking.

PriceLabs tip: Use PriceLabs :). However, if you are reluctant to do so, understand which are the high demand days – and you can price well above competition and still get booked on these days.

Hope you find these tips useful. Best wishes from PriceLabs team for the upcoming business season!

PriceLabs team