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PriceLabs Billing Explained

By December 7, 2017 January 17th, 2021 No Comments

PriceLabs is full of features and bells and whistles, but the one thing we’ve kept simple is our pricing plans – there are no commissions, and in every billing cycle you only get charged for the listings you use PriceLabs for. That said, we do get questions about pricing once in a while, and wanted to clarify a few things here.

  1. Everyone gets a one month free trial. You get access to the full version with all the features included. No payment information/credit card needed.
  2. Once the free trial is over, you get to choose if you want to continue or not. To continue, enter your payment information – we charge at the end of the billing cycle (which starts at the end of the free trial).
  3. In any billing period after the free trial, we count how many unique properties we updated prices to and charge accordingly.
    • If you have 50 listings but only synced prices for 10 listings in a billing period, the invoice will be for 10 listings.
    • If you have 50 listings, and 10 listings were turned on for sync all through the billing cycle, and 5 listings were turned on for sync midway during the billing cycle, the invoice will be for 15 listings.
  4. If you turn off the sync for a listing mid-way through a billing cycle, it will get included in the invoice for the current billing cycle, but not in the invoices after that (as long as the listing stays turned off).
  5. Child listings/multi-unit:
    • Child listings: If the same property is used on PriceLabs through the PMS and Airbnb (e.g., for PMSs that don’t integrate with Airbnb yet, you might want us to send prices to both), you can map listings together so our systems know that it should be counted as one property with the extra channel costing $1/month/child listing. If you don’t do this, our systems can’t recognize that it’s the same property.
    • Multi-unit: If a listing in your PMS is linked to many units, it will show in PriceLabs as one listing but with the number of units next to it. These will be charged at $3/additional unit. Note that if each unit has it’s own separate calendar in the PMS and can have different prices, it is counted as a different listing.

Hope this helps clarify any questions you had about how our billing works! If not, feel free to Contact Us.