Trailblazing Revenue Management




Hyper Local Pulse Algorithm

Introducing Hyper Local Pulse (HLP), the re-engineered version of our dynamic pricing algorithm. This cutting-edge solution leverages hyper-local data to optimize rates and increase your revenues. Unlike competitors with a broad-market-level approach, we give you today the next generation of revenue management.

More Precision

HLP leverages the power of hyper-local data and compsets to fine-tune your pricing strategy. Benefit from unmatched pricing precision and relevance to strive in an ever-more competitive environment.

Faster Response

Swift response to market changes with improved seasonality and event pricing. Our system smartly adjusts to seasons, market changes, special events and holidays.

Higher Revenues

Our research indicates that new PriceLabs users see a 26% average increase in Revenue per Available Night (RevPar) after using the HLP algorithm for three months.

Performance Metrics

Successful revenue management relies on swift action. Managing multiple listings and spotting the underperforming ones can be challenging. New Performance Metrics offer a detailed analysis for each listing. You can now tailor your listings’ view based on preferred metrics.