How to integrate with BookingAutomation

Note: If you use multiple BookingAutomation accounts to access the same property, the API key must always be from the account which owns the property.

For using BookingAutomation with PriceLabs, there are some steps that are to be completed on BookingAutomation before you import your listings.

  1. Get your API key from BookingAutomation by going to Settings > Account > Account Access.
  2. For all your properties we will have to add a unique property key. Go to Properties page then click on “Edit” property and under “Link” sub-heading you should be able to set a unique property key. Property Key

  3. Next, make sure that for all properties you set the correct latitude and longitude for each of your property. This can be set under “Description” sub-heading.Set Coordinates

  4. Finally set a daily base rate for each room via the Calendar page for 1 year from today. Click on Daily Rate row on any date that will bring a pop-up where you can enter your price.Daily Base Price

  5. Now to some action! Login to PriceLabs or SignUp and add your BookingAutomation properties again so we can update property key(s) at our end by clicking “Connect to your Airbnb/PMS account” PMS Button

  6. Try dynamic pricing for any of your BookingAutomation listing(s). Once you are satisfied with our prices then you can “Sync Prices” for each of your properties with PriceLabs so our servers can daily update your prices once.

If you have any questions about how to use PriceLabs with your BookingAutomation account, please Contact Us; want to learn about BookingAutomation? Please email

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