Your Porter App – PriceLabs integration

We are excited to announce our direct integration with Your Porter App. Many of our users have used the old method of integration with Your Porter App where we'd send dynamic pricing & stay restrictions to Airbnb. Then Your Porter App will pick that and send to VRBO and No more of that mess.

Now with direct integration, we can send rates and stay restrictions directly to Your Porter App and they in turn send these Airbnb, VRBO, or your own website.

About Your Porter App

Your Porter App is a mobile-first app for professional Airbnb hosts. Multiple listings and accounts on different platforms can be managed through our iOS, Android, and web apps. Message automation, teammate management, direct booking website, and Airbnb ranking booster are some of the most popular features of Your Porter App.

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Christian Eriksen, Co-founder Nord Collection

Using PriceLabs, we managed to grow our average length of stay from 3.1 nights to 4.3 nights, an increase of almost 40%. In the same period, we grew the revenue of these listings by more than 10%, even though we had lesser (but longer) stays.

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