Save time and increase revenue from your Properties with PriceLabs

pricelabs dynamic pricing solutions for vacation rentals

PriceLabs is a revenue management tool for vacation rentals that combines human control with the best-in-class algorithm, market data, and customizability to maximize revenue.

We have priced over 275,000 listings in 100+ countries globally, and we work with 100+ PMS and channel managers.

To help you save hours by automating your processes more efficiently, we bring a data-driven approach, automation rules, and extensive customizations to manage pricing and minimum-stay restrictions for larger portfolios in bulk.

  • Increase income with actionable insights based on local trends and events
  • Automatically optimize occupancy with complete control using intelligent minimum stay rules
  • Get ahead of the competition using market data
  • Build a smarter strategy using your portfolio’s booking trends
  • Save time while managing a larger portfolio using our group and account-level customizations


As a customer of VRMB, you can enjoy 15% discount for 3 months when you first sign-up for our tools.

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