PriceLabs is now integrated with Lodgify!

Note: For PriceLabs to sync prices to Lodgify, it is important that min-stay be specified for each date in PriceLabs. For more information on how to do this, please read setting dynamic min-stay from PriceLabs. We’re excited to be integrated with Lodgify – it has everything you need to create a vacation rental website and manage all your bookings. Their advanced vacation rental software provides owners and property managers with the tools needed to build a beautiful website, accept online bookings with credit card payments and manage all your reservations from one place. Their sophisticated solution allows synchronization of property data with external booking channels such as Airbnb and Using PriceLabs with Lodgify is easy:

  1. Obtain your Lodgify User ID and API key using the steps below
    • UserID is a number (and not an email)
    • API key
  2. Enter the Lodgify UserID and API key in step 2 of our on-boarding guide. When the listings import, you will get a warning telling you that having min-stay set in PriceLabs is important.
  3. Review prices for your listings, adjust any base/min/max prices, date specific overrides, and customizations.
  4. Before syncing any prices back,
    • Make sure you’ve set a default min-stay settings from PriceLabs, as the sync with Lodgify requires min-stay to be sent from PriceLabs. You can also setup advanced min-stay settings, or date specific min-stay settings – the instructions can be found on the link above.
    • Please apply extra guest fees from PriceLabs – the existing extra guest fee in Lodgify will not get used otherwise.
    • Turn on “External Rates” inside Lodgify:
      1. Login to Lodgify
      2. In the menu, Click on “General settings” and then the “External rates” section
      3. Toggle ”Use external rates” for the desired property
  5. Once PriceLabs has synced prices, you can verify that by going to Lodgify’s multi-calendar view and turning on the price option. You can also verify that the weekly and monthly discounts are working fine by generating a quote for a longer period.

That’s it! You’re now good to go! If you have any questions, please reach out to

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