Vacation Rental Glossary

Market dashboards

Market dashboards are fully automated personalized dashboards that help you to track vacation rental data anywhere in the world. You can analyze the various KPIs of your property to be able to make informed decisions while setting up your pricing strategies to maximize revenue. It helps you have a better look at other markets, whenever you decide to expand your portfolio. Read More

Comp sets

A ‘Comp set’ or competitive set is a list of other competing properties within a specific market that potential customers are comparing against your listing when choosing to book a property. It is a group that you put together when creating your competitive study based on relevant, specific selection criteria compared to your property.

Active listing

Active listing is a listing that is live on the Channel Manager or OTA. It might have also been live in the last 15 days.

Active dates

Active dates indicate the number of days your listing was open for reservations. If you block your calendar for about two months - then your active dates for the year would be 300 days.

Bedroom category

Every listing in the market dashboard is by default grouped by the number of bedrooms they have advertised on Airbnb. There is a ‘room’ and ‘studio’ and ‘RBHK’ category that groups all listings with 0 or 1 bedrooms advertised as a shared, private, or hotel room.

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