Access VRBO and Airbnb listing-level data anywhere in the world.

Market Dashboard

Why Market Dashboard?

Access data and insights for short-term rental properties around the world.

Make better pricing decisions

Analyze markets and properties for investment potential

Compare your performance against the market

Why customers love Market Dashboards

Martha Ecker
Martha Ecker
Heritage Boutique Apartments Bad Ischl,
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Market dashboards offer concise insights into current trends. It is of great value for us as a newcomer, especially in these challenging and volatile times surrounding covid-19. I also loved the clean look and selection options.

Starts at $9.99 per month

or add listings to get a 30-day free trial of 1 dashboard

or add listings to get a 30-day free trial of 1 dashboard

Key Features

Automated Reporting Tools for Market Insights and Analysis


Create and track list of properties using maps and filters

Price and Occupancy Trends


Set prices based on your market and occupancy rates using:


Set a minimum stay depending on the preferences of the market and seasonal patterns using :

Length of Stays and Lead times


Identify the most popular amenities to add to your property or just the description!


You can determine which percent of bookings in the last 30 days were made just to fill that discount or based on

Policies and fees

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Frequently asked questions

  • VRBO + Airbnb
  • Updated daily
  • NOT direct booking data, but we capture direct bookings by tracking OTA availability
No, you can create multiple compsets within the same dashboard to focus on individual neighborhoods/listing types if the listings are all in the same city.

No, but the radius can be changed.

Yes. Charts can be exported as a PDF. If you scroll all the way to the bottom you’ll see the option to download a PDF.

Data from individual sections can be exported as a CSV, however underlying booking data cannot be exported. In the upper right-hand corner of each of the modules there is a pink square, click that to open filters and to download a CSV file of the data.

Resources to Get You Started

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