Integration with OwnerRez!

By October 24, 2018 August 23rd, 2019 No Comments

Note: OwnerRez can send prices to, TripAdvisor, and CanadaStays. They will support VRBO soon. For Airbnb, you’ll need to import the listing directly to PriceLabs and map them with the OwnerRez listings.

We’re super excited to announce our integration with OwnerRez – a full-featured online booking app for vacation rental property that helps managers and owners save time, create quotes and bookings faster, look professional and keep detailed records without needing a large staff. Automated triggers allow you to send personalized communication to guests and powerful reports give you deep insight into how well your business is doing. Premium features are available for channel management, QB integration, property management, hosted websites and more.

The integration is pretty seamless:

  1. Go to the API Access section in your OwnerRez account drop-down in the top right. If you haven’t yet turned on API Access, you’ll get a screen which will let you agree to the terms and turn it on. screenshots

  2. Next, please make sure that all the listings have lat-long information populated in OwnerRez.

  3. Once ready, just follow the instructions here and choose OwnerRez from the drop-down in step 2.

  4. In OwnerRez, open Settings > Spot Rates and filter the list to the property you just synced. That will show you all prices sent from PriceLabs.
    NOTE: spot rates don’t currently show on rate table widgets or the property overview page — those show seasonal rates only.
    Open Tools > Rate Tester (to run a test quote) or Tools > Rate Checker (to check nightly rates for a longer period) and run some test quotes to see the new rates. screenshots

Do let us know if you have any questions! You can reach us at or to OwnerRez support at You can also find instructions from OwnerRez here.