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This week we have Mark from Boostly, to share his thoughts on challenges facing short-term rental owners in 2020. The vacation rental industry is always changing and Mark tries to keep you ahead on the changing trends that impact us all. Below is an excerpt from the full report featuring Top 5 Challenges facing Accommodation Owners in 2020. To get the full report click here > 5 challenges facing accomodation owners in 2020 report As technology continues to advance, there are a multitude of novel options out there for hotels of all sizes to capture their unique market space. But according to reports published earlier this year, a significant number of short-stay accommodation owners still rely on traditional mechanisms to market their services. As the demand for accommodations has risen — competition has too, giving consumers a wide variety of short-term rentals to select from. A report published on suggests that 46% of millennials would prefer to book their lodging, as well as check-in and check-out using mobile devices. The same report states that in 2020, accommodation that delivers mobile-centric personalization will be the brand of choice for many. Thus the need to put mobile customization at the heart of the hospitality experience.

A study conducted by Next Guest Digital reported that over 95% of short-stay accommodation owners do not have essential customer relationship tools. Typically, these organizations send generic messages to their clients. The report goes on to say that these short-stay rental owners neglect to monitor their online reputation, analyzing customer reviews and feedback. It’s worth noting that in this technology-driven era, short-term accommodation owner still relies on ‘mobile-unfriendly’ website booking engines (WBE), and central reservation systems (CRS).

The first step towards putting mobile personalization at the heart of every booking experience is acquiring a cloud-based website booking engine that can work in harmony with central reservation systems. These technologies offer ease-of-use technology for the clientele to interact with booking systems using mobile devices. To enhance personalized communication, short-stay accommodation owners should invest in customer relationship management (CRM) technology. These tools collect information about a customer from their profiles, pre-stay communications, post-stay communication, and surveys. Using the data, the accommodation’s owner can design personalized interaction with the customer. As an example, Joe B. checks in for a 2-night stay. At check-in, he requests a Harveys Blue Label and an extra pillow. Eighteen months later the same Joe B. checks in. In his room, he finds a Harveys Blue Label and an extra pillow. It’s a small gesture that speaks loudly to your guest! I would love to find out what you’re actioning in your accommodation business in 2020 when it comes to personalization. Please come and interact on Twitter @boostlyuk or send me an Instagram message on @boostlyuk To get the full report click here Mark Simpson

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