Announcing Integration with Rentals United – A Leading Channel Manager

Note: Rentals United is a popular Channel Manager, and the connection will only work if you don’t use a Property Management System (PMS) to manage inventory and prices. If you do, PriceLabs will need to update prices directly to the PMS, since Rentals United will always pickup the prices from the PMS even if PriceLabs updated them in the Rentals United calendar. We are excited to announce integration with Rentals United – many of you have already been using this integration successfully even before we could make the announcement! This seamless integration allows property managers using Rentals United as their channel manager to take advantage of PriceLabs’ data-driven pricing and push optimized nightly rates to more than 60 channels through Rentals United. Vacation rental property managers across the world are using PriceLabs, the only global vacation rental pricing optimization tool, to increase revenues. PriceLabs algorithm which has been refined over the last 3 years, uses data from multiple sources such as future occupancy, seasons, tourist demand, special events, and historical booking trends to calculate nightly rates that improve occupancy and nightly rates for property managers. It also allows vacation rental managers to specify customized minimum-stay rules to automate a lot of manual work. Rentals United is a leading channel manager in the Vacation Rental industry, which helps owners and property managers advertise their listings seamlessly on 60 channels both niche and global and growing rapidly. Using PriceLabs with Rentals United

  1. First, enable PriceLabs in your Rentals United account. Also ensure that listings are activated for PriceLabs access
  2. Then come to PriceLabs, click on the blue “Connect your Airbnb/PMS account” button from your PriceLabs dashboard, select Rentals United from the dropdown, and enter your username.
  3. Your listings should now show on the PriceLabs dashboard. You can now review and customize prices (more on that here), and once satisfied, synchronize these prices with Rentals United.

Do keep in mind that if you use a PMS with Rentals United as a channel manager, and you use a PMS as well, then you will have to disable price and min night update from the PMS as PriceLabs will be updating those instead. You can also find more instructions from Rentals United here. If you have any questions about how to use PriceLabs with your Rentals United account, please send an email to

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