Integration with Rentlio!

By January 10, 2019 August 23rd, 2019 No Comments

We are excited to announce our integration with Rentlio, a cloud-based app tailor-made for vacation rentals, small hotels, hostels, and hospitality property managers. Rentlio is a fast and reliable property management system & channel manager with an easy-to-use UI and beautiful design. To borrow it from The State of UX in 2019:

UX is not only about the times when people are using their products, but also about the times when they are not. In the era of ever-vibrating smartphones and increasingly demanding apps, there is no better user experience than peace of mind.

Rentlio users have the peace of mind of not having to worry about overbookings or communication with users thanks to predefined e-mail templates.

Helping Property Managers Manage Their Revenue Better
Rentlio users can now use this integration to take advantage of PriceLabs’ data-driven pricing and push optimized rates to OTAs.

By harnessing the power of PriceLabs predictive analytics and automation, a property manager doesn’t have to worry about positioning themselves competitively through an ‘educated guess’. PriceLabs takes into account hundreds of pricing factors (such as historical booking trends for vacation rentals and hotels around the world) to optimize your property pricing for success. As Rentlio’s CEO, Marko Mišulić states:

For technology to dive deeply into the hospitality industry, Property Management Systems need to become more open to different software and tool integrations to allow their users best toolsets based on their needs. PriceLabs integration with Rentlio is the right step in that direction.’

How to integrate Rentlio and PriceLabs? Follow the simple steps to connect your Rentlio account with PriceLabs:

  1. Login to your Rentlio account and generate your API key
  2. Follow the steps in the PriceLabs on-boarding guide (step #2 is where you’ll need to select Rentlio and enter the API key).

Feel free to email or with any questions, or if you need a quick call or demo to clarify how everything works. Also, you can always reach out to Rentlio with any questions or try the app 30 days free if you’re new to it 🙂