PriceLabs + SuperControl Integration

By February 10, 2018 August 23rd, 2019 No Comments

We are very excited to announce our integration with SuperControl – many of you have already been using this integration successfully! This integration allows property managers using SuperControl to take advantage of PriceLabs’ data-driven revenue management and push nightly rates into SuperControl and to 100+ booking websites from there.

SuperControl is an innovative online booking system, designed to help self-catering businesses/short-term rental companies save time, money & earn more bookings. It is shaping and leading the self-catering market’s adoption of online booking technology by developing and delivering the best property management solution, enabling businesses around the world to excel and prosper.

Vacation rental property managers across the world are using PriceLabs, the only global vacation rental pricing optimization tool, to increase revenues. PriceLabs algorithm which has been refined over the last 3 years, uses data from multiple sources such as future occupancy, seasons, tourist demand, special events, and historical booking trends to calculate nightly rates that improve occupancy and nightly rates for property managers. It also allows vacation rental managers to specify customized minimum-stay rules to automate a lot of manual work.

To use PriceLabs with SuperControl, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Go to: Integrations > Admin tools > PriceLabs to get your API key.

  2. You will then see a prompt to with an enable button for each property that you can click to enable the integration for each property. If you don’t have starting prices for a property when enabling, you’ll be prompted to add them.

  3. Log in to PriceLabs, and click the blue “Connect to your PMS” button, then choose SuperControl from the drop-down and enter your API key and click Login

  4. We’ll then show you your SuperControl listings on our dashboard, and you can use the getting started instructions to familiarize yourself with how to review, customize and sync price and min-night recommendations.

  5. We only send daily prices and min-stay to SuperControl, but if you want to have weekly discounts or extra person fee, that can be done directly in SuperControl

If you have any questions about how to use PriceLabs with SuperControl account to manage your pricing across multiple channels and your own website, please send an email to or