New feature: Sync Now button – Immediate sync with Airbnb / PMS

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You asked for it, and here it is …

Note: Sync now updates prices to your PMS/Airbnb within 10-15 mins with 99% success rate. This means that while it is reliable, we do ask that you check if the prices have been updated, and if not, make interim manual updates directly on Airbnb/PMS and reach out to us for support. We’re constantly trying to improve the reliability of this feature.

We are excited to announce new “Sync Now” button.

We know that when you make edits to your PriceLabs calendar, often times you want to reflect those changes to Airbnb / PMS immediately. Now whether you adjust base prices or update your custom prices – you can push the updated prices to channel almost immediately. In most cases the update takes few minutes to go through but depending on the request volume, it may take up to an hour.

Here is the Sync Now button in action:


We are excited about this new feature, and believe that this gives you ultimate flexibility in updating your calendar. Thanks again for all your support and feedback!

Note: For the “Sync Now” button to work, you’d need to enable sync for the property. Also, “Sync Now” works independently of your nightly Airbnb / PMS update (i.e. we will still update your calendar every night, as long as the sync for the property is enabled).

We hope you’ll enjoy these new features!

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PriceLabs Team