Vacation Rental Glossary

Trends by stay date

Trends by stay date show various trends by stay dates which can be summarized by the month, week, day or even by the day of the week to easily compare year-over-year metrics.

Listing level metrics

The listing level metrics scatter plot helps you identify the performance of each listing in your portfolio. By default, we display the next 30 days occupancy on the y-axis and the number of days since the last booking on the x-axis. Both of the axes are configurable for your convenience.

Trends by booking creation date

The trends by booking creation date shows the number of bookings made on any particular date. With this data you would be able to analyze when you get the maximum number of bookings and optimize your pricing strategy accordingly.

Length of stay and booking window trends

With length of stay and booking window trends you can analyze how many nights get booked from reservations with different booking windows, and different stay lengths. These can be used to optimize your minimum stay customizations. For example, if you are seeing that there are many long bookings happening at least three months in advance, you can change your min price and max price accordingly.

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