How To Increase Your Vacation Rental Revenue with Airbnb Add-on Services?

Airbnb add-on services

Renting your property on Airbnb is profitable, but did you know you can scale your business and add to your revenue streams with Airbnb add-on services? Your guests are willing to pay for a lot of Airbnb upsells if only you know the right products and services to fulfill their needs. Additionally, it will appear as if you are going the extra mile for your guests. 

What are Airbnb add-on services?

Airbnb add-on services are revenue-making strategies adopted by Airbnb hosts. The host charges the guests extra money for added services and products to enhance their overall experience. 

These services include cross-selling and upselling. Airbnb upselling encourages guests to pay an extra fee for an upgrade in services like mid-stay cleaning and city tours with a vacation rental booking. Airbnb cross-selling means selling a product that complements a purchase, like selling extra snacks and drinks or a stocked pantry when a guest makes a booking. 

Whether a guest will be willing to pay for an add-on service or not depends on what you are offering your guests and how you are marketing the services or product. To increase this probability, think from the perspective of your guests and look back to what your previous guests have popularly demanded. Then, you can create a catalog of additional services you can offer when booking. 

You can build on your relationship with your upcoming guests by asking them what they expect from their trip and offering them upsells accordingly. For example, a single business person will probably buy your airport pick-up service. A family is likely to purchase a pre-stocked pantry and mid-stay cleaning. A couple on their honeymoon may opt for an upgraded welcome basket with flowers and champagne. 

Continue reading to learn more about Airbnb upselling and cross-selling and what you can offer as an Airbnb add-on service. 

How to introduce Airbnb Add-on Services in your vacation rental business?

Let’s talk about factors you should consider when curating a list of your Airbnb upsells and cross-sells. 

1. Identify your target guest.

Analyze the different kinds of guests visiting your vacation rental and put yourself in their shoes. What products and services will they need during their stay? How can you provide them with those? Then curate a list of services based on the consumption behavior of guests like families, couples, digital nomads, business travelers, groups of friends, etc. 

You can learn more about how to offer Airbnb add-on services by watching this video

2. Personalize your offer

Once you know what service you will offer to each kind of traveler, make sure that your guests only see relevant offers. You can use your PMS data or reach out to your guests through email or the booking platform before their trip to ask them the purpose of their visit and send them a list that best suits their needs. Check their bookings to ensure you are not offering an upsell that is already included in their booking. This will lead to more confusion and hamper their experience. 

3. Limit the number of offers they see

Guests will be overwhelmed if they see a long list of upsells and will probably not buy any. Narrow down the number of deals they see to 10-15 upsells. Include some general ones like early check-ins and late check-outs and transportation, along with specific ones relevant to the guest segment.  

4. Use upselling technology for the best results.

Manually applying the above mentioned suggestions can be time consuming and prone to human error. You can choose to automate the task by implementing an automated upselling platform that takes care of this for you. First, you must set up offers and add details about various guest categories; the platform will do the rest.

Some systems offer two-way integrations with your PMS that will facilitate the easy flow of data related to the deals sold and the available ones without any manual input. It also makes it easier for guests to purchase the right Airbnb upsells and cross-sells that best suit their needs. 

One such company is The Host Co which facilitates Airbnb cross-selling by allowing hosts to sell various products in their Airbnb with a custom digital store. These include anything in your rental, from a pre-stocked pantry to the art on your walls.

There are other companies that are specifically designed to sell furniture and other items available in your home, like pillows, mattresses, art decor, etc. You will learn more about this in the section below. These include: 

  1. Minoan: With this platform, hosts can order branded furniture from over 160 brands, like Kassatex, Phaidon, etc., at a discounted price to furnish their rental. They then get a percentage of the product sales that occur through their rental. This way, their furnishing process becomes a source of revenue generation instead of being a cost center. 
  2. Space Place: Hosts use this platform to buy various brands at discounted prices and sell them to their guests who love using those brands at their rental. 
  3. ShowPlace: ShowPlace is a home staging and interior design company that offers a commission-based sales program for hosts who want to generate revenue from furniture and home décor sales. ShowPlace recently pivoted to become an online store offering wholesale items and services for STR operators.

How to manage payments for Airbnb upsells?

You need a system to collect payments and systematically record each guest’s booking.

One of the best ways to facilitate the purchase of an item is to keep a QR code next to it that the guests can use to scan and pay. You can also keep a menu of add-on services on the fridge or the coffee table where guests can easily find it and add a QR code to the menu to assist with online booking and payment for the desired service. 

Another method to facilitate Airbnb upselling and cross-selling can be to keep an inventory of the products you are offering in an out-of-the-way closet. Then, give access to the products only after their payment. You can add instructions regarding how to access the product or service in the invoice you email the guests after the payment has been made.

You can use the softwares mentioned above to automate the payment process.  

Airbnb Add-on Services that you can offer your guests

Below I have listed a few inspirations for Airbnb Add-on Services: 


1. Early check-ins and late check-outs

Although managing check-ins and check-outs are tedious for vacation rental owners, it’s an entirely different ball game for the guests. 

If their flight lands at 9 a.m. and their check-in time is 2 p.m., guests have to choose between starting their city exploration with their luggage or dragging it around at the airport and waiting for the clock to strike 2 p.m. 

Most guests would prefer paying an extra amount to be able to check in at the time of their landing to freshen up, leave their luggage and explore the city a little more. If you don’t have another renter occupying the room, you can offer them an early check-in or late check-out according to their preferences. Below is a conversation among vacation rental owners regarding how they charge for early check-in or late check-out. If you can not provide them the same, you can offer them the next Airbnb upsell. 

Airbnb Upsells

2. Luggage storage

Luggage storage is the next best option for people with time to kill before and after check-out. You can charge your guests a little extra for storing their luggage in your luggage locker while they start with their sightseeing. Your guests will be grateful for this service because it is difficult to find a reliable storage service in an unknown city. 

Also, nobody wants to carry their luggage around until they find a storage service. You can offer to keep their baggage at your Airbnb or with a trusted storage company. 

3. Transport

Airports or train stations can be chaotic and looking for a ride while dragging all the luggage is added mayhem. A pre-booked transportation that drops your guests straight to your property will be highly appreciated by your guests. 

You can either drive your guests yourself and pocket the entire transportation charge or affiliate with a local transportation company. You can mail the link to the site or add it to your description and get a commission of every booking made using that link.

4. A pre-booked mid-stay Airbnb cleaning

Who doesn’t like the luxury of coming back to a freshly cleaned property/room after a long day of sightseeing? If you have guests staying for an extended period, they will definitely pay extra to have their Airbnb cleaned in the middle of their stay. 

5. Laundry Service

Your vacation rental probably has a washing machine and dryer for your guests to do their laundry. However, some may prefer to hire a laundry service to clean their clothes because-well they are on vacation or if they are staying for an extended period. You can outsource this to a professional laundry service for a commission or pay your cleaning personnel a little extra to do your guests’ laundry. 

Extra Rentals

1. Sports Equipment

Outdoorsy guests or kids would love to rent sports equipment from your rental. A fun evening of playing tennis or cycling around in the local scenic beauty will make their vacation more memorable. Some of the most popular sports equipment rentals include:

  • Kayaks 
  • Canoes
  • Bicycles
  • Snowshoes 
  • Snorkel Gear
  • Tennis Equipment

Keep your prices competitive for the equipment so that your guests prefer you over local sports stores. Remember to include all the safety gear and accessories needed, such as life jackets and helmets. 

2. Car or Bike Rentals

Some vacation rental owners rent their second car or motorcycle to guests during their stay. In this case, check local laws and your insurance policy to avoid legal issues. 

You can also affiliate with a local bike and car rental company to give you a commission for rents based on your recommendation or from your link. The latter option will save you from going through the legal process alone. 

airbnb add-on services

Extra Products

1. Welcome basket

A complimentary welcome basket is a great way to make your guest feel at home, but with an optional upgraded basket, you give the guest the option of adding something extra for a more personalized experience. 

For example, you might offer a luxury basket containing champagne, salmon, olives, artisan cheeses, and specialty meats, encouraging a romantic evening indoors.

airbnb upsells

Other upgraded baskets could include:

  • Local Chef’s Basket: recipes, spices, and wines specific to the area
  • Self-care Basket: facials, bath bombs, locally made soaps, lotions, tea, chocolate, and a list of the best spas in town 
  • Farmer’s Market Basket: fresh fruits, vegetables, and homemade bread from local farmers and bakers 

2. Health or beauty kits

It is very common to go on a holiday forgetting your toothbrush or your contact lenses container. Your guests would prefer buying beauty or health essentials from your rental in case of emergencies instead of rushing to local shops. 

You can offer toothbrush, body lotion, face creams, face wash, bug spray, sunscreen, or local beauty products.

airbnb upsells

3. Snacks and drinks

You can introduce the hotel mini-bar concept in your rental. Stock some snacks like popcorn and chips in the pantry and chilled beer/champagne in the fridge with their price tags. Charge just a fraction above the stores, encouraging them to avoid the trip to the local store.

4. A fully stocked pantry

It is bliss for most people to enter their vacation rental with a pantry filled with their pre-ordered favorites, saving them a trip to local stores. You can offer this experience to your guests at the time of booking. You can also stock your pantry with items you think your guests would prefer and charge them for the ones they use. 

5. Breakfast boxes

Taking inspiration from the hotel’s breakfast buffet, you can also offer breakfast boxes to your guests. Most people do not like having to whip up a meal early in the morning when they are already busy planning their activities for the day. 

A breakfast box will be trendy among such guests and will help you earn easy money. You can hire a chef to cook breakfast for your guests, affiliate with a local restaurant with good reviews for their breakfast menu, and get them to create a customized basket for your guests. You can earn a commission or keep a margin on every basket you sell. 

6. Local souvenir 

How often has it happened to you that you are at the end of your trip and forget to buy souvenirs for your family? Unfortunately, this happens more often than you think, and your guests are no different. Offering to sell local souvenirs as an Airbnb upsell can save your guests from this trip and help a local business increase its customers. 

7. Phone or Laptop charger

People forget their phone chargers a lot. Therefore, offering the purchase or renting of a phone or laptop charger to such guests will be appreciated by your guests, especially those with their phone’s battery running out. 

Airbnb add-on services

Third-Party Products and Services

1. Local Experiences

You can affiliate with local experience providing companies and improve your guest’s experience. Offer your guests a horse ride, river rafting, bungee jumping, cooking class for local delicacies, etc. This way, you won’t only be adding value to your guests but also supporting local business while increasing your revenue. 

2. Celebration Decor

Often people go on vacations to celebrate an occasion like a birthday, anniversary or bachelorette. Guests will be more likely to book your rental if they see that you can enhance their celebration by decorating your rental accordingly for an added price. 

You don’t have to do this yourself if you don’t have time or are managing many vacation rentals. Instead, just affiliate with a local decorating company and pay them to decorate your rental to suit your guest’s needs professionally.

3. Private Chefs

This is perfect for people who like to book a vacation rental for a home-like experience but prefer to avoid cooking their food.Offering a private chef can be a great upsell for guests who can get customized meals to their liking while not having to wander the city for good food. This can also be a romantic experience for couples. 

4. Baby Sitters

You can join hands with a local babysitter agency or keep a list of good babysitters and day cares that you can vouch for. Couples with kids would grab this service if they would like a romantic escape with their partner. 

5. Beauty treatments 

Suppose you have a group of females who rented your property for a bachelorette party. Wouldn’t they be elated if you offered them beauty treatments at home by professionals for an added price? A wife who wants some time off her family will also love this extra pampering on her vacation. 

You can tie up with local beauticians for a commission. 

6. The furniture and decor on display in your Airbnb

Many Airbnb hosts are also making their vacation rentals shoppable. For example, several vacation rentals allow guests to purchase the table, bed frame, artwork, or linens they used at the property. 

As a vacation rental host, you can tie up with home decor businesses and buy their products at a discounted rate by becoming their affiliate. This could be a profitable affiliation given the fact that people prefer buying things they have already used. 

According to SpacePlace

  • 82% of guests want to know more about products they come across during their short-term rental stay.
  • 67% of guests want to buy an item they first used or saw during their visit.

What are the advantages of Airbnb Add-on Services for short-term rentals?

1. More sales

If you have invested the time to understand your customers and provide them with services and products that they are highly likely to purchase then you will witness more sales and revenue for your business. 

2. More positive reviews

By providing Airbnb add-on services that simplify their holiday experience, you will be making your guests feel cared for and pampered. This will definitely lead to more positive reviews by your visitors along with repeat business.

3. Increase reservations

Travelers who want to streamline their vacation arrangements are more likely to choose a rental property that offers upsell services like airport transfers or mid-stay cleans over homes that merely give minimal facilities.

4. Set yourself apart from the competition.

The more you can personalize your services; the more your property will stand out. Positive reviews by guests will boost your ranking, get more eyeballs on your vacation rental and increase travelers’ willingness to pay more to stay at your property. Finally, it increases the chances of first-time bookers becoming regulars.

5. Improve the local economy

If you partner with local businesses to provide shoppable items, you’ll give them valuable exposure to your guests.

Airbnb upselling can be very profitable if you provide the things your guests would want. Think from your buyer’s perspective and accordingly construct your services or products catalog. While some common upsells are provided by all hosts, you can break out of the box and think differently. Offer services and/or products based on popular demands from your guests. 

You can also follow the Airbnb Upsells Facebook group for more inspiration on what other hosts are doing. For example, a host posted the Airbnb upsell of beer burros that are popular among his guests. 

airbnb add-on services

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