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PriceLabs services the dynamic pricing and revenue management software (RMS) platform needs of hotels, hostels, aparthotels, and serviced apartments.

PriceLabs stands out as a highly adaptable room-pricing solution that offers the freedom to customize your property’s pricing logic according to your needs. Whether you’re an independent hotel operator making all the decisions or have a team of revenue managers, PriceLabs enables you to yield unlimited segments and room types.

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Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management for Mid-term Rentals

Optimize your mid-term rental and increase occupancy with PriceLabs

Refined Pricing: Automate your pricing for mid-term stays based on market data

PriceLabs’ cutting-edge pricing algorithm calculates refined prices for your mid-term rentals, considering market data, seasonality, and local trends. Stay ahead of the competition and ensure that your property is always priced competitively for mid-term stays.

Product features:

Effective Discounts: Streamline your discount strategies for longer stays

Tackle the unique challenges faced by mid-term and extended stay operators with our dynamic pricing solution. Effortlessly attract guests for varying durations and optimize your property’s revenue with customizable weekly, monthly, and length-of-stay discounts. Experience hassle-free revenue management tailored to your specific operation needs.

Product features:

Fill or Avoid Calendar Gaps: Manage vacancies according to your specific needs and regulations

For mid-term and extended-stay operators, managing calendar gaps according to their unique requirements is crucial. Whether you need to fill gaps to maximize revenue or avoid gaps to comply with regulations, our platform provides solutions to help you achieve your occupancy goals.

Product Features:

Save Time: Automate pricing and revenue management tasks

Efficiently manage your mid-term and extended stay properties with our automated pricing and revenue management tasks. Our system is designed to save you time and simplify your operations, whether you’re a solo operator or have a revenue management team. As you can create groups of listings and apply changes across sets of units effortlessly, managing your portfolio has never been easier. 

Product features:

Market Analysis: Access personalized dashboards to track your performance and market trends

Staying competitive and well-informed in the mid-term and extended stay market is essential for operators. By leveraging personalized dashboards that monitor your performance and market trends, you can make data-driven decisions to enhance your strategies and maximize revenue.

Product features:

Connect PriceLabs to your PMS or channel manager (and directly to your system through our API)

 It’s easy to connect – whether you use a Property Management System (PMS) or a channel manager, you can use PriceLabs. We support weekly and monthly discounts with ​​365Villas, Bookerville, BookingSync, Guesty, Hosthub, Hostify, MyVR, Rentals United, and Tokeet.

Why Mid term rental owners love PriceLabs

Why mid-term rental managers and
extended stay operators
love PriceLabs

Frequently asked questions

PriceLabs’ dynamic pricing system is designed to accommodate the unique requirements of mid-term, extended stay, and vacation rental operators by providing customizable length-of-stay discounts, portfolio occupancy-based adjustments, and grouping features. This allows operators to create specific pricing strategies and settings for properties catering to different stay durations, ensuring optimized revenue and occupancy.

Yes, PriceLabs allows you to implement minimum stay requirements and booking restrictions in compliance with local regulations. By setting up tailored length-of-stay settings, you can ensure that your properties, including mid-term vacation rentals, adhere to regulatory guidelines while optimizing occupancy and revenue.

PriceLabs offers features like grouping and portfolio analytics to help you manage a diverse portfolio with varying stay durations, including mid-term vacation rentals and extended stays. You can organize listings into groups and sub-groups based on their specific rental capabilities and apply distinct pricing strategies and length-of-stay settings for each group. Portfolio analytics enable you to visualize and analyze the performance of all or a part of your units, making it easier to optimize your overall strategy.

PriceLabs ensures seamless syncing of updated prices with your PMS and booking channels at least once a day. This efficient syncing process ensures that your mid-term, extended stay, and vacation rental properties are always up-to-date with the latest pricing adjustments, resulting in increased occupancy and revenue.

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