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with actionable insights based on local trends and events

To give you the best possible daily Vrbo rates, we study millions of data points to identify local trends, seasonality, and day of the week.

Automatically optimize occupancy with higher control using Intelligent Minimum Stay rules

Our editable customizations, like last-minute prices and various minimum stay restrictions, ensure that you are completely in control of your strategy. Our industry first innovation, the MinStay Recommendations engine, suggests rules for your properties to maximixe your revenue. For instance, you don’t need to create manual settings to avoid short stays that could block your calendar up to a year ahead.

Access data from every local market worldwide to make informed decisions

Identify demand early with market trends to inform your strategy. Find out what popular amenities your competitors are providing and how they are pricing their properties using our Market Dashboard and Neighborhood Data products to increase your portfolio’s visibility.

Stay one step ahead of the competition with real-time performance tracking and metrics monitoring

Understand your properties’ performance over various periods to uncover listings with hidden revenue opportunities to earn more from your existing portfolio. Track their performance metrics to make smarter pricing decisions.

Take advantage of innovative and constantly improving products at an affordable flat-free price by using Vrbo with PriceLabs.

2 simple ways to connect PriceLabs to your Vrbo account

Whether you want to link your Vrbo account directly with PriceLabs or want to use a channel manager or property management system (PMS), it’s simple.

Connect PriceLabs directly to your Vrbo account

Step 1: Enter your Vrbo email address and password when you sign in to your PriceLabs account to add your properties. (Don’t worry, we don’t save your account details!)

Step 2: PriceLabs can now directly send prices to your Vrbo account.

Connect PriceLabs to your Vrbo account via a channel manager or a Property Management System (PMS)

If you use a PMS to manage your Vrbo properties, connect PriceLabs to your PMS when you sign into your PriceLabs account.

We integrate with 100+ PMS.
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Why do Vrbo Hosts love PriceLabs?

Frequently asked questions

Implementing a dynamic pricing strategy for your Vrbo properties is essential for maximizing your booking revenue. This approach enables you to automatically adjust your rates in response to the changing market conditions in your area, which increases both your revenue and occupancy rates. 

With this strategy, you can plan ahead and develop long-term plans to stay competitive. Automating the price-setting process saves you valuable time, allowing you to focus on more strategic tasks, and helps you increase your profitability. 

By setting rules such as last-minute discounts, minimum booking days, and far-out rates and rules, you can further optimize your occupancy rates and identify hidden revenue opportunities.

You can learn more about the benefits of dynamic pricing. You can also sign up for a free one month subscription toof PriceLabs to explore how dynamic pricing can benefit your business. 

You can read more about this here: How to Integrate PriceLabs with Vrbo.

PriceLabs uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze daily data from major platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo, and Keydata to identify trends and competitive pricing in the market. Our Dynamic Pricing tool offers pricing suggestions based on the following factors:

  • We analyze historical demand trends of vacation rentals and hotels in your region to determine peak and off-season periods.
  • We recommend prices based on demand patterns for each day of the week. For example, depending on the market, setting higher rates for weekends and lower rates for weekdays.
  • Our tool considers the time between a guest’s booking and check-in date, called lead time, to provide customized discounts that maximize occupancy. For last-minute reservations, discounts are offered to fill any gaps in your calendar, while for bookings made in advance, discounts are provided to ensure maximum occupancy.
  • PriceLabs automatically generates discounts for unoccupied days, known as orphan days, to encourage bookings and help owners fill gaps in their calendars.
  • You still have complete control over your listings and strategy by using our flexible customizations and setting your minimum and maximum prices.


PriceLabs Market Dashboards offer detailed insights on market trends, such as price and occupancy, length of stay, lead time, policies, and fees. It provides information on average revenue, ADR, booking window, future dates, historical data, pacing, cleaning fees, amenities, and guest preferences for cancellation policies.

PriceLabs is a tool for Vrbo hosts to optimize their pricing strategy and increase revenue. While Vrbo MarketMaker can provide insights on your market’s average daily rate and occupancy percentage, it may not consider your maintenance and administration costs and set prices too low to attract guests.


In contrast, PriceLabs gives you more control over your pricing strategies with advanced customizations, such as setting minimum stay requirements, far-out settings, and discounts tailored to your property’s unique needs. You can also use the base price help and minstay recommendations tool to set your base price and minimum stay restrictions based on extensive data.


PriceLabs Portfolio Analytics tool is free and provides listing-level performance analysis and market trend insights based on your booking data, empowering you to make informed decisions when creating your pricing strategy.

PriceLabs can only push prices on accounts that you have connected with your PriceLabs account. If you have the same listing on both Airbnb and Vrbo, connect both accounts to your PriceLabs account. You can link both listings together, called mapping on PriceLabs. If you do not map (link) them, you will be charged for two listings.


We recommend mapping your Airbnb and Vrbo listings because: