Refer and Earn!

  • Earn $10 in PriceLabs credit every time you refer to us a customer, automatically reducing your monthly bill
  • The person you refer gets a 30-day free trial & $10 in  joining credit
PriceLabs Referral Program

The PriceLabs Referral Program is open to every PriceLabs customer

Simply Log in to your PriceLabs account to access your unique referral link/code and start referring!

How it works

Step 1 : Log in

Step 2 : Promote PriceLabs

Step 3 : Start Earning

If you have a bigger audience of people looking to use PriceLabs you should check out our Affiliate Program

Frequently asked questions

This link can be found under the BILLING > REFER & EARN section of your PriceLabs account. 

They get
  1. A 30-day free trial of our Dynamic Pricing tool and can add as many listings as they wish!
  2. 1 free Market Dashboard valid for 30 days
  3. $10 in PriceLabs credit that will automatically be reduced from their first bill
Yes. You just need to create an account on PriceLabs. You don’t need to add any listings. The code will still be active even after your trial period ends. However, we’d recommend you check out PriceLabs’ Affiliate Program
  • The PriceLabs Referral program pays $10 in the form of PriceLabs credit each time a referral of yours starts a paid Dynamic Pricing subscription
  • It is important that your referral uses your link and ensures that the code is entered in the ‘Referral Code’ box of their Sign up form
  • These credits will be applied automatically to your monthly bill, reducing the amount you need to pay or potentially making it entirely free, based on the number of referrals you convert
  • Your referral will also receive $10 in PriceLabs credit when they sign up
  • We have a one-month free trial and only charge customers at the end of a billing period
  • The referral credit can take up to 2 months from when someone uses your referral code
  • Referral credit only works with our Dynamic Pricing service
  • Referral credit can only be applied to new accounts. If someone already has an account with PriceLabs, they cannot take advantage of your referral code

Yes, if your PriceLabs credit is in the excess of $50 at the end of every quarter (December, March, June, September), you can choose to accumulate it for the next quarter or, we are happy to pay out in the form of a PayPal or bank transfer at the end of each quarter. Simply drop us an email at and we’ll get right on it!

Yes, we can pay out the referral credit through PayPal or bank transfer. Such payouts are made at the start of every quarter (January, April, July & October), provided the amount exceeds $50. To avail this option write to us

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