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PriceLabs services the dynamic pricing and revenue management software (RMS) platform needs of hotels, hostels, aparthotels, and serviced apartments.

PriceLabs stands out as a highly adaptable room-pricing solution that offers the freedom to customize your property’s pricing logic according to your needs. Whether you’re an independent hotel operator making all the decisions or have a team of revenue managers, PriceLabs enables you to yield unlimited segments and room types.

Easily sync your prices to your PMS and then booking channels

Stay Ahead: Automatically adjust room rates in real time based on market data and your internal occupancy

Experience the power of dynamic hotel rates with PriceLabs. Say goodbye to static pricing and hello to real-time adjustments based on market data and your internal occupancy. This means that your hotel can charge more during peak periods when demand is high and offer lower prices during low-demand times to ensure maximum occupancy.

Product features:

Boost Revenue: Optimize hotel pricing strategies

PriceLabs is a revenue management platform that enables you to segment customers based on various factors such as length of stay, booking window, and room type. With personalized pricing options, you can cater to different customer needs and preferences while maximizing revenue potential for your property.

Product features:

Forecast Trends: Analyze pace reports to fill more rooms at the right price

PriceLabs’ pacing reports help revenue managers and hoteliers compare their current performance with their previous year’s results. PriceLabs also collects historical and anticipated market data, which can be used to forecast a property’s performance against the market. This makes it simple for them to determine whether their property, a specific room type, local competitors, or an entire market is experiencing a slowdown or acceleration compared to the previous year.

Product features:

Save Time: Automate pricing and revenue management tasks

Efficiently manage your hotel, hostel, or aparthotel with our automated pricing and revenue management tasks. Our system is designed to save you time and make your life easier, whether you’re a solo operator or have a revenue management team. With the ability to create room types, group rooms together, and apply changes across sets of rooms effortlessly, managing your property has never been simpler.

Product features:

Customize Settings: Tailor pricing strategies to meet your business goals

You retain control over our dynamic pricing algorithm. PriceLabs provides both simple and advanced customization options so that your pricing strategy reflects how you operate your business. These customizations include control over seasonality, demand aggressiveness, occupancy-based pricing, and far-out and last-minute pricing.

Product features:

Connect PriceLabs to your hotel PMS or channel manager (and directly to your system through our API)

It’s easy to connect – whether you use a Property Management System (PMS) or a channel manager, you use PriceLabs. Couldbeds, Mews, Better Hotel, Eviivo, Elina, and Mini Hotel. For instance, PriceLabs is one of Cloudbeds’ dynamic pricing partners. An API for a direct link to your proprietary systems will be available soon.

Take advantage of innovative and constantly improving products at an affordable flat-free price with PriceLabs.

Why Hotels love PriceLabs

Why Hotels love PriceLabs?

Frequently asked questions

PriceLabs’ dynamic pricing algorithm helps hotels maximize revenue by automatically calculating and adjusting room rates in real-time based on various factors such as market data, internal occupancy, seasonality, day of the week, lead time, and neighborhood demand for future events and holidays. This approach allows hotels to charge higher prices during peak demand periods and offer lower prices during low-demand times, ensuring maximum occupancy and optimizing revenue potential. The algorithm is designed to be adaptable, providing hoteliers with the ability to customize their property’s pricing logic according to their needs and business goals.

Yes, you can customize the pricing strategies and settings in PriceLabs to fit your hotel’s specific needs. The platform offers simple and advanced customization options, allowing you to tailor your pricing strategy to reflect how you operate your business. Customizations include control over seasonality, demand aggressiveness, occupancy-based pricing, and far-out and last-minute pricing. Additionally, you can set your own prices using overrides, apply day-of-week pricing, create lead time discounts or premiums, and adjust event and holiday pricing. This flexibility ensures you can create a unique revenue strategy that aligns with your hotel’s objectives and market positioning.

PriceLabs integrates seamlessly with popular Property Management Systems (PMS) and channel managers, making it easy for you to connect and sync your prices across various platforms. The platform is compatible with PMSs with a strong hotel base, such as Cloudbeds, Mews, Better Hotel, and Mini Hotel. For instance, PriceLabs is one of Cloudbeds’ dynamic pricing partners. By integrating with these systems, PriceLabs enables you to manage your property’s pricing strategy and room rates efficiently, ensuring that your prices are up-to-date across all channels. This integration allows you to save time and automate pricing tasks, helping you focus on other aspects of your business. Additionally, an API for a direct link to your proprietary systems will be available soon, offering even more flexibility in connecting PriceLabs to your hotel’s management tools.

There are no additional costs or hidden fees involved in the 30-day free trial of PriceLabs. When you sign up for the free trial, you’ll have access to all the features and benefits of the platform without the need to provide your credit card information. During this trial period, you can evaluate the platform and its impact on your hotel’s revenue management strategy without any financial commitment. After the 30-day trial, if you decide to continue using PriceLabs, you will need to choose a subscription plan that suits your needs. The pricing details can be found on the PriceLabs website. It is important to note that there are no lock-in contracts, which means you can cancel your subscription at any time if you decide the platform is not the right fit for your hotel.

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