Vacation Rental Glossary

Vacation rental metrics or key performance indicators are critical measurable aspects of your business that you can lean on to understand and manage your business better. From occupancy rates to referrals your vacation rental is getting, it can be helpful to track these metrics. “You can’t improve what you don’t measure!”

If you understand the business metrics, you and/or vacation rentals’ manager will be able to analyze the return on your investment and return on revenue more accurately to improve your operations.

How does it help you?

Before we move to analyze the various KPIs, let’s dive deeper into understanding your vacation rental.

There are four parts of your short term rental that you need to understand to better understand your business:

There are also terms that are specific to PriceLabs that you might need to understand to utilize our solution to its maximum potential.

PriceLabs Terms specific to our different offerings:

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