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More than 300,000 properties use us daily.

Boost your listing's performance
with actionable, data-backed insights tailored to your local trends and events

To provide you with the most optimal daily Airbnb rates, we analyze an extensive amount of data points to determine the influence of local trends, seasonal changes, and specific days of the week on pricing.

Enhance Occupancy with Complete Control through Intelligent Minimum Stay Rules

With our editable customizations, including last-minute prices and various minimum stay restrictions, you have full control over your strategy. Our industry-first MinStay Recommendations engine suggests rules for your properties to maximize revenue, avoiding time-consuming manual adjustment of orphan days or short bookings in the future.

Reduce guesswork and make more accurate pricing decisions using the data from local market worldwide

Use market trends to identify demand early and inform your strategy. Increase the visibility of your portfolio by uncovering popular amenities your competitors are providing and how they’re pricing properties using our Market Dashboards and Neighborhood Data.

Stay one step ahead of the competition with real-time performance tracking and metrics monitoring

Find properties with hidden revenue opportunities to earn more from your existing portfolio by tracking how your properties are performing over time to make better pricing decisions.

Take advantage of innovative and constantly improving products at an affordable flat-free price by using Airbnb with PriceLabs.

2 simple ways to connect PriceLabs to your Airbnb account

Connect via a Property Management System (PMS), or connect your Airbnb account directly to PriceLabs.

Connect PriceLabs directly to your Airbnb account

Step 1: Download and install the ‘PriceLabs – Connect your Airbnb listings’ extension from the Chrome Web Store – if you are using Brave or Edge, you can find it in the Chrome Web Store
Step 2: Once installed, connect your Airbnb account by entering your Airbnb Username and Password.

Connect PriceLabs to your Airbnb account via a channel manager or a Property Management System (PMS)

If you use a PMS to manage your Airbnb properties, connect PriceLabs to your PMS when you sign into your PriceLabs account.

We integrate with 100+ PMS.
See the complete list of PMS and Channel Managers PriceLabs integrates with.

Want to sync prices across Vrbo and Airbnb? With PriceLabs, you can easily maintain price parity.  Learn how

Why do Airbnb Hosts love PriceLabs?

Frequently asked questions

PriceLabs doesn’t have access to your Airbnb login information or your credentials. You need to enter your Airbnb login information to integrate your Airbnb account with the PriceLabs dynamic pricing tool, and we can then send your daily rates to Airbnb. During the integration, there is also an OTP authentication step to ensure it’s secure.

You can read more about this here: How to Integrate PriceLabs with Airbnb

The vacation rental listing has to be published on Airbnb for you to be able to import it into PriceLabs. However, we don’t send any prices to Airbnb unless you turn ON the sync toggle in PriceLabs. This implies that you can review your rates and settings and push them to Airbnb once you are satisfied.

You can set your Airbnb promotions in your Airbnb account itself. PriceLabs will automatically apply those promotions to the prices it pushes for your listing.

You can ONLY manage check-in restrictions using PriceLabs. You’ll need to set the check-out restrictions on Airbnb or just set both on Airbnb.