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Take the guesswork out of your Airbnb pricing

Analyze competition with Real-time market data

Automate pricing using our dynamic pricing models

Personalize your strategy with our customizations

Track your performance using Portfolio Analytics

Trusted and used by some of the best Airbnb Pros on the planet

Daniel Rusteen
Daniel Rusteen
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Using Dynamic Pricing is a no-brainer for me. I love using PriceLabs because of the variety of customizations allowed, and, the daily rate updates. I also love that it is available globally and have recommended it to many of the hosts I have worked with!
Bill Faeth
Bill Faeth
Founder of Build Short Term Rental Wealth
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Pricelabs – man, do they make my life easy! It’s as simple as going in and setting your low, medium and high pricing and then PriceLabs tracks all the data from Airbnb, VRBO, hotel data, compression events and optimizes your pricing for you.
Annette & Sarah
Annette & Sarah
Co-founders, Thanks for Visiting Podcast
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A member of our community; there was an event in her town and PriceLabs was telling her to price it at $650. She had never priced above $250 and she was almost certain PriceLabs was giving an incorrect recommendation . She was sure she would never get that price. But she did! She TRIPLED her nightly rate thanks to PriceLabs. She was mind-blown!

Adjust rates for Local Trends and Events using our algorithm

We work through millions of data points every day to identify seasonality, day of week, and high demand days. We overlay this with our holiday database. We also adjust for lead time. Finally, we look at your individual property performance to adjust rates!

Automate Stay Rules, Maximize Occupancy

Our minimum stay and check-in settings help you maximize your occupancy. Still manually adjusting those gap fill days Or troubled by short bookings far into the future? Our advanced tools allow you to automate your strategy!

Stay Ahead of the Competition Using Market Data

Looking to understand how competitors are pricing or what areas are hot? Look at our Performance metrics, Neighborhood data or Market dashboards to better understand the market.

Understand your performance better with our Business Intelligence

Whether you have one or hundred properties, it is extremely important to understand your properties performance over periods. PriceLabs’ Portfolio Analytics allows you look at year or year, month over month and even day by day.

Why Airbnb hosts love using PriceLabs

Some testimonials of PriceLabs customers about their use of PriceLabs as a Airbnb Host

Chris Downs
Chris DownsUK
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PriceLabs is very comprehensive with regards to the information you can derive from the system and the granularity of control it offers to users. I use it to manage a single Airbnb property - however, it looks very well organised in terms of its capabilities to handle multiple properties and sales channels (other than Airbnb). Very easy integration with Airbnb - seamless, smooth, just works!
Javier Vasquez
Javier VasquezEl Salvador
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It is very easy to use and connect to their support PMS or even airbnb accounts. I love their multi calendar feature and that they support multi unit setup. The other dynamic pricing tools out there, do not support this. Also, their support is TOP NOTCH, can't say enough good things about them. They are super responsive, attentive, helpful, insightful, etc etc
Matt Frederickson
Matt FredericksonUnited States
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I'm confident that using this platform I can set it and forget it while getting a great price for each night booked. Helps with occupancy rate improvement and I didn't have to lower prices
Polivios christodoulou
Polivios christodoulouCyprus
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Having a lot of rental properties is a nightmare to adjust the prices. This software its saving me a lot of time and is doing better job that i will ever do myself. I cant recommend it enough.
Christian Eriksen
Christian EriksenDenmark
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Compared to other price optimization services PriceLabs offer so many functionalities. My company manage 200+ Airbnb rentals and after our start with PriceLabs we've seen a big increase in revenues as well as a smaller work load for us. The team is extremely friendly and helpful only adding to the experience. I can highly recommend PriceLabs.

Frequently asked questions

PriceLabs doesn’t have access to your Airbnb login information or your credentials. You need to enter your Airbnb login information to integrate your Airbnb account with the PriceLabs dynamic pricing tool, and we can then send your daily rates to Airbnb. During the integration, there is also an OTP authentication step to ensure it’s secure.

You can read more about this here: How to Integrate PriceLabs with Airbnb

The vacation rental listing has to be published on Airbnb for you to be able to import it into PriceLabs. However, we don’t send any prices to Airbnb unless you turn ON the sync toggle in PriceLabs. This implies that you can review your rates and settings and push them to Airbnb once you are satisfied.

You can set your Airbnb promotions in your Airbnb account itself. PriceLabs will automatically apply those promotions to the prices it pushes for your listing.

You can ONLY manage check-in restrictions using PriceLabs. You’ll need to set the check-out restrictions on Airbnb or just set both on Airbnb.

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