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Here’s why owners and property managers 💖 PriceLabs

The functionality is very advanced - I love the ability to have groups of listings to make adjustments SUPER easy by just having to update once.

Megan McCreaNashville Vacation Homes

I love PriceLabs because of the variety of customizations allowed, the low price point, and, of course, the daily rates. I also love that it is available globally and have recommended it to many of the hosts I work with.

Daniel RusteenOptimizeMyAirbnb

Much more intuitive to use than similar dynamic pricing tools. Occupancy rates increased across the board with PriceLabs, and their customer service has also been stellar.

Ashley PangPass The Keys

Simple and easy way to increase your revenue through smart pricing. Regular communication with a fast, responsive, and friendly team – I definitely recommend it!

Anthony ChevalierPrague For You

PriceLabs is a modern, flexible, and fairly priced vacation rental pricing tool. It's improved our workflow by eliminating manual rate updates. It has allowed us to market and price our properties in ways that wouldn't be possible without a true yield management tool. We're thrilled!

David CrostaPalms At Park

Very powerful yet flexible and easy to use. We have saved countless hours of manual work every week and also improved sales with our spot-on pricing. Customer service has been outstanding whenever we had a doubt.

John LohnerThe Marco Polo Collection

Pricelabs is a no-nonsense feature-rich tool that can be used by beginners and larger agencies that require a lot more flexibility. The team behind is amazing and always available to answer questions or listen to new feature requests.

Christian SørensenStay-U-Nique

PriceLabs is the best tool built for vacation rental companies operating multiple listings - it's so easy to use and has so many different ways to manage your pricing strategy. Also, the cost to use is fair and affordable.

Rebecca SlivkaPillow & Coffee

I can’t emphasize how happy I am with Pricelabs - the competitive pricing, the functionality, the excellent customer service, and ultimately the difference it has made to my bottom line is unmatched. I cannot recommend Pricelabs highly enough.

Georgie BishopLodging In Telluride

Increase Revenue With Data-Driven Pricing

Manage prices and availability easily with data driven insights and automation rules

Customizable data-driven pricing

  • We recommend prices based on market supply and demand, seasonal and day-of-week trends, special events and holiday predictions, and the number of days left to book
  • Customization options layer on top of market data to give you control over your pricing strategy

We can rest easy knowing that our daily prices are ‘dialed in’ and automatically updated every night. The result is increased revenue through rate optimization, and increased productivity of our operations.

Greg KelleyOne Fine Flat

Bulk Adjustments

  • Analyze your portfolio’s health at a glance with our performance indicators
  • Adjust prices in bulk using group and account level customizations

This is the best tool built for companies running or managing multiple listings – it’s so easy to use and has so many different ways to manage your pricing strategy. And the cost to use is fair and affordable.

Rebecca SlivkaPillow & Coffee

Dynamic min-stay rules

  • Cascading minimum stays keep min-stays higher further out and lower them as a date approaches. Set fixed minimum stays for holidays and the high season.
  • Automatically reduce minimum stays to fill gaps in your calendar

Compared to other price optimization services, PriceLabs offers a broad spectrum of functionalities, e.g., the possibility of setting dynamic rules for the minimum number of stays. My company manages 100+ Airbnb rentals, and after our partnership with PriceLabs, we’ve seen a significant increase in revenues and a smaller workload for us.

Christian EriksenNord Collection

Our algorithm identifies local events and trends so you don't have to

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We determine what dates are in high demand by monitoring future looking data from nearby listings and hotels. You can easily set your own event pricing for groups of listings or your entire portfolio.

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We estimate seasonality for your region based on historical trends in both vacation rentals and hotels. Alternately, you can set your own seasonality – useful if your portfolio has different booking trends.

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Local Data

Our system analyzes each listing’s performance and recommends a base price. We then take local trends and apply them onto this base price as a percentage change. Utilize our data and your knowledge of the market to adjust the price level of each listing at any time.



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While we first started out as an Airbnb pricing tool, PriceLabs now connects directly to 50+ PMS and channel managers! We can still send our dynamic pricing to Airbnb directly!


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