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FAQ Video Tutorials

December 19, 2019 By

These quick video tutorials answer common questions that come up when using PriceLabs. For a more in depth series on initial listing setup, check out our Getting Started Video Tutorials. Have…

#Getting Started

Advanced Minimum Price Settings

December 11, 2018 By

Important Note: For any date, the min-price used will be the highest of listing, far-out (if applicable), weekend (if applicable) and seasonal (if applicable) min-prices since we need to satisfy…


Integration with Smoobu!

August 12, 2019 By

Smoobu is the easy and efficient vacation rental software. Available in desktop version and mobile app, Smoobu offers several tools to automatize property managers’ daily tasks. Smoobu guarantees an intuitive…


Integration with Direct!

August 12, 2019 By

We are pleased to announce that we’ve added Direct™ to our growing list of PMS integrations. Direct™ is the forward-thinking, do-everything platform for lodging management companies of all sizes worldwide….


Integration with Elina PMS!

March 22, 2019 By

We’re excited to announce that PriceLabs is now integrated with Elina PMS, a powerful property management software for hotels and serviced apartments with 10 – 1,000 rooms, whether single or…


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