Dynamic Pricing

Automated rate updates based on market data and your listing performance

Automate your pricing in minutes


Import your listings

Connect your properties from Airbnb, VRBO or your PMS to PriceLabs in one easy step.



We generate prices

We analyze each listing and recommend daily rates based several factors.


Stay in control with customizations

Control the algorithm to fit your pricing strategy and knowledge of the market.



Enable Daily rate Updates


Enable daily rate updates

We will update optimized rates directly in your PMS / Airbnb, or VRBO calendar daily.

Monthly Affordable Invoices

30-day free trial and simple flat monthly rate only for the listings that use Dynamic Pricing. No percentage of revenue, no long-term contracts, no hidden fees.


Our system analyzes historical and current booking data to generate pricing recommendations

We analyze each listing’s historic and future performance to calculate a base rate. This base rate is the price level onto which all further adjustments are applied as a percentage change. Utilize our data and your knowledge of the market to adjust the price level of each listing at any time.

Seasonality for your region is set based on historical trends in both vacation rentals and hotels.

We look at future occupancy patterns in your hyper-local area to determine day of week trends.

Last-minute and far-out adjustments ensure you aren’t leaving money on the table, while still maintaining high occupancy.

We look at your hyper-local area to determine what dates are in high demand. We also maintain a calendar of holidays to determine dates where prices should be kept higher irrespective of demand.

Price Calculation
Price Customization


If your properties behave differently from the market or if you have specific strategies you want to deploy – maintain full control of your rates using our full suite of customizations!

Set different minimum prices for weekends or for far-out dates or by seasons to ensure that our pricing algorithm does not go below a certain rate.

Adjust your last minute discounts or add premiums to suite your operations. Select from the three last-minute pricing structures to match any pricing strategy.

Apply discounts to fill smaller gaps in your calendar or, apply premiums to charge more for shorter stays.

Our system identifies the day of week pricing trends for your neighborhood but gives you the ability to make adjustments.

Adjust rates based on your listing and portfolio’s own performance. Set discounts and premiums, which automatically kick in when a listing’s occupancy crosses a set threshold. Choose from four pre-loaded profiles, or customize your own for endless functionality.


Optimize each listing’s availability with dynamic min-stays

Require longer bookings on the weekends. Set two different values for minimum stays for weekend and weekday dates. These minimum stays will automatically apply to all corresponding dates in your calendar.

Ensure upcoming dates don’t end up vacant by decreasing your minimum stay requirements for upcoming dates in your calendar.

Don’t let short stays block your calendar far out. Increase your minimum stay requirements for further out dates to ensure your listing is available for longer booking inquiries.

Automatically make all gaps bookable Set rules for assigning shorter minimum stays to gaps that would otherwise be unbookable

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