Small businesses in the accommodation space deserve AI and analytical tools often restricted to large companies.

In 2014, while running an Airbnb, we realized we (and many others) were leaving money on the table. This is because we weren’t pricing based on the basics of demand and supply. We knew we could build a solution for this.







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We came from the
travel industry.

The founding team had experience engineering the backend for online travel distribution (at Orbitz), building large-scale revenue management systems (at United Airlines), and managing Airbnb. The data science team is comprised of people with PhDs and masters!

What we set out to build

Without the right systems, you either don’t set the right nightly rates or spend way too much time doing it. Or even worse, without the right data to look at, you spend way too much time setting and changing rates without getting them right! We change that.

We focussed on
global reach

Soon after finishing our pilot launch in Chicago in 2014, we knew we wanted PriceLabs to be available anywhere around the world (well, as long as there are vacation rentals around you!), and in early 2015, that’s what we did!

By 2021, we also had a global team spread across six countries and customers in 100+ countries spread across all six continents!

We are constantly upgrading

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to customers. We have focused our products on intelligence, access, and customizability. If you see something you don’t like or have something that we should add, do write to us on our excellent 24×5 support! If you haven’t explored PriceLabs yet, start your free trial here.

We need you

The journey will not be as fun without the incredible team that has assembled to solve this problem. We are only just in the beginning stretches and are looking for passionate people to join us and build something unique. Check out our open roles on careers page.

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