Short-term rental consultancy ‘Thanks for Visiting’ saw clients triple their nightly rate

Customer type: Short-term rental management consultants

Region: USA

Products: Dynamic Pricing, Portfolio Analytics, Market Dashboards

No. of Properties: 20+

When Annette, Co-founder of Thanks for Visiting first began managing short-stay rentals, her pricing strategy was non-existent. She simply maintained one standard price for weekdays and a slightly higher price for weekends – and maintained this throughout the year; not taking into account seasonality, local events or any other such factor.

At the time, she thought this just having different dates for weekdays versus weekends was the ideal strategy. However as built her expertise and experience, Annette regrets not having discovered dynamic pricing sooner.

She still cringes every time she realises how much money she might have lost over the years due to the lack of a data-driven pricing strategy. She and her partner Sarah now confidently use PriceLabs to;

  • Study easily understandable market data to advise their clients on pricing, revenue management and investments
  • Present a clear logic behind the recommended pricing strategy
  • Access immediate live support and instant clarifications and explanations when needed
  • Transparent product billing, where they know exactly how much it would cost her per month

About Thanks for Visiting

A common passion for short-term rentals brought Annette Grant & Sarah Karakaian together with ‘Thanks for Visiting’ – a resource platform & podcast.