Customization Groups to Help Manage Multiple Listings Together

Note: This post does not describe each individual customization, but focuses on how these can be created for a group of listings. For information about the available customizations, please see pricing customizations, min-night customizations, and date specific overrides. As PriceLabs grows and becomes the revenue management platform of choice for owners/hosts as well as small and large property managers, we’ve been adapting to make it easier and faster for users to manage a large number of listings. Allowing for account level customizations and date specific overrides was the first step, and now we’re happy to introduce group customizations to allow you to create ‘groups’ of properties that will have the same customizations and date specific overrides. These groups can be anything:

  • City Names: If you have listings in multiple cities
  • Listing Type: You might want to create separate groups for 1/2/3/4+ bedroom listings
  • Neighborhood: If your listings are in different parts of the city, and you want to manage them separately
  • Owner/Legal Restrictions: Some of your listings might allow for a short 1 night stay, while others might not be allowed to take bookings shorter than a week

We’re now providing a framework where you can manage customizations and date specific overrides separately for each group (whatever reason you might want to have these group for!). This requires three simple steps:

  1. Create a new “Customization Group”: This can be done from the Customization page as follows:
    • Create a new group by using the “Create New” link:
    • Setup the customizations and give the group a name:
    • Edit customizations and date specific overrides as needed:
  2. Assign listings to groups: This can be done from the Manage Listings page by selecting the right group for each listing from the drop-down
  3. Review prices to see the group customizations in action!: Now, you can head to the main Review Prices dashboard, and:
    • Use the group name to filter listings (yes! the dashboard is searchable by listing ID, listing name, tags, and customization groups!
    • Review prices for a listing that you just assigned to a group. Keep in mind that the customization hierarchy rules will apply. In general, for each customization, listing level settings override group level settings, which in turn override account level settings. We highly encourage you to read through the customization hierarchy to make the full use of this powerful feature.
    • If you are going to be using these customization groups, we highly encourage removing any account level rules for better clarity on what rules are applicable to each listing.

We sincerely hope that these new capabilities save you a ton of time! As always, feel free to reach us at if you have any questions or suggestions!

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