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Rentals United

Seamless integration allows property managers using Rentals United as their channel manager to take advantage of PriceLabs’ powerful revenue management platform.

Rentals United is a leading channel manager and trusted partner of 60% of the world’s top property managers. Using their team’s expertise and award-winning API connections to 50+ channels, they provide a tailored approach to help property managers maximize their revenue. 

On average, Rentals United clients see up to 21% higher revenue and an additional 85 Euros in ADR thanks to their deep knowledge of channel distribution and AI-driven actionable insights, allowing them to optimize their listings’ performance on each channel and reach their revenue goals faster.

Follow these steps to connect Rentals United with PriceLabs.

Note: The Rentals United connection is compatible with or without a Property Management System (PMS) for inventory and price management. If you utilize a PMS and connect to Pricelabs with Rentals United, price updates from the PMS will be ignored. Only pricing from Pricelabs will be delivered to Rentals United for the properties you have chosen for this connection.

30-day free trial. No credit card. No commitment.

Using Dynamic Pricing is a no-brainer for me. I love using PriceLabs because of the variety of customizations allowed, and, the daily rate updates. I also love that it is available globally and have recommended it to many of the hosts I have worked with!

Daniel Rusteen

Daniel Rusteen (Optimizemybnb)

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