Rentals United – PriceLabs Integration

The seamless integration allows property managers using Rentals United as their channel manager to take advantage of PriceLabs’ data-driven pricing and push optimized rates & minimum stay settings to more than 60+ channels through Rentals United.

Vacation rental property managers across the world are using PriceLabs, the only global vacation rental pricing optimization tool, to increase revenues. PriceLabs algorithm which has been refined over the last 3 years, uses data from multiple sources such as future occupancy, seasons, tourist demand, special events, and historical booking trends to calculate nightly rates that improve occupancy and nightly rates for property managers. It also allows vacation rental managers to specify customized minimum-stay rules to automate a lot of manual work.

Rentals United is a leading channel manager in the Vacation Rental industry, which helps owners and property managers advertise their listings seamlessly on 60 channels both niche and global and growing rapidly.

Follow these steps to connect Rentals United with PriceLabs.

Note: Rentals United connection will work if you don't use a Property Management System (PMS) to manage inventory and prices. If you do, PriceLabs will need to update prices directly to the PMS, since Rentals United will always pickup the prices from the PMS even if PriceLabs has updated them in the Rentals United calendar.

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Christian Eriksen, Co-founder Nord Collection

Using PriceLabs, we managed to grow our average length of stay from 3.1 nights to 4.3 nights, an increase of almost 40%. In the same period, we grew the revenue of these listings by more than 10%, even though we had lesser (but longer) stays.

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