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Use local market trends to identify demand early and make an informed strategy. Increase portfolio visibility by doing competitor analysis using PriceLabs’ Market Dashboards and Neighborhood Data

Ready to earn more and build smarter pricing strategies?

Get ahead of the competition. Try PriceLabs today.

Ready To Earn More And Build Smarter Pricing Strategies?

Get ahead of the competition. Try PriceLabs today.

How The Revenue Estimator Works

Our revenue estimator analyzes historical data to generate revenue numbers and other metrics such as ADR and Occupancy

PriceLabs integrates seamlessly with over 100+ PMS and channel managers

These integrations empower property owners and hotels to effortlessly manage rates and availability across multiple platforms, expanding their reach and maximizing their revenue potential.

With PriceLabs’ Dynamic Pricing Tool for Airbnb, VRBO, and 100+ PMSs, a host gets added benefits:

We analyze each listing’s historical performance to calculate a base rate. This base rate is the price level onto which all further adjustments are applied as a percentage change. Utilize our data and your knowledge of the market to adjust the price level of each listing at any time.

Your region’s seasonality is based on historical trends in vacation and short-term rentals.

We look at future occupancy patterns in your hyper-local area to determine the day-of-week trends.

Last-minute and far-out adjustments ensure you aren’t leaving money on the table, maintaining high occupancy.

We look at your hyper-local area to determine what dates are in high demand. We also maintain a calendar of holidays to determine when prices should be kept higher, irrespective of demand.

Frequently asked questions

This is best supported by PriceLabs’s Market Dashboard product, but you can get a high-level picture from the output of the Airbnb revenue calculator. 

  1. Depending on your property, you can review the revenue calculator’s ADR (Average Daily Rate) metric output to understand how you are priced compared to the market. 
  2. You can also review the occupancy metric in the following fashion:
    For example, if the average occupancy of the area is 50%, and your property is always 80% occupied, then you are probably under-priced. Using the estimator’s insights, you can improve your revenue and overall performance as a short-term/vacation rental host, property manager, or revenue manager.

Yes, with PriceLabs, property owners, hosts, and property managers can optimize their Airbnb and VRBO revenue by getting accurate, data-driven dynamic pricing strategies and insights while saving time and effort.

The estimates are based on past Airbnb data. The Airbnb revenue calculator provides you with Revenue, Occupancy, and ADR (25th, 50th (Mean), 75th percentile) data.

We look for the nearest 350 listings up to 15 km in the area of the address submitted.

The revenue estimate is derived from the nightly prices you see on Airbnb before taxes, cleaning fees, etc. Depending on the host, the prices might include commissions/channel fees.

We take past one year’s data and perform some data cleansing to arrive at the revenue estimate and occupancy numbers for the address submitted.

The data shown includes all the lengths of stays lower than 60 days in the free revenue estimator/Airbnb revenue calculator.

We, at PriceLabs, track short-term rental markets globally. So if the location submitted has Airbnb listings, we can provide a revenue or occupancy estimate for that location.

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