Listen Up: Discover The Top Short-Term Rental Podcasts To Tune Into To Stay Ahead Of The Game (Part 2)

Top STR Podcasts

Podcasts for those interested in financial independence and investing in real estate (short-term rentals in specific).

Expert insights and real-world strategies for investing and maximizing your short-term rental profits

Hello again! We hope you caught PART 1 of our series on the top STR podcasts to follow. We listed ten must-listen podcasts for new and experienced hosts looking to develop their hosting skills and get the most out of their short-term rental business.

In this part (part two!), we focus on podcasts for those interested in financial independence through investing in real estate, in specific short-term rentals.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced real estate investor, these podcasts will help you navigate the ins and outs of the short-term rental market to maximize profits and achieve your financial goals.

Short-Term Rental Secrets

Hosted by Mike Sjogren & Emanuele Pani

Mike Sjogren has an enviable portfolio of short-term rentals spanning five states and 3 boutique hotels. His passion for guiding and inspiring others to create financial independence through real estate is supported perfectly by his experience in the field.

His partner, Emanuele Pani, is a Commercial and Residential Real Estate Consultant at Signature International Real Estate.

Emanuele has an accounting and finance degree, and his real estate journey is unique and inspiring, from working in maintenance to becoming the owner of the 40-unit apartment building, making him a highly sought-after short-term rental coach and advisor.

This podcast provides actionable insights to new and seasoned real estate investors to maximize revenues by launching, automating, and scaling their portfolios. There is no prize for guessing our favorite episode; new pricing strategies for 2023.


Adulting is Easy

Hosted by Lauren Aumond

Lauren Aumond is a real estate investor based in Tampa Bay, Florida. She and her husband, both in their mid-30s, will be retiring soon after earning through house hacking, their 12 rentals – mostly short-term and a few long-term, and their index funds. 

In this podcast, Lauren keeps it light and breezy and interviews guests about personal finance topics,

like saving, credit, budgeting, debt, investing, crypto, real estate, stocks, dividends, and more.

PS: We love Lauren because she’s always recommending us on Twitter – so Lauren, if you read this – Thank You!


The Fearless Investor

Hosted by Kyle Stanley 

Kyle Stanley started The Fearless Investor to help others learn about investing in real estate. This has evolved into teaching people how to make money through short-term rentals, real estate, and other.

Each week, Kyle and his select guests discuss tips and tools needed to grow a cash-flowing short-term rental business, covering topics such as team building, scaling, and more. 

PriceLabs pro-tip: Every month or so, Kyle and PriceLabs Founder – Richie share one special PriceLabs tip. Listen to this episode, where they discuss adjusting your PriceLabs to a slow season.


Invest2FI (Financial Independence) 

Hosted by Craig Curelop and Ali Garced

Craig Curelop and Ali Garced believe that real estate is one of the most profitable and thriving industries for those seeking financial independence. 

Craig is the founder of The FI Team and a real estate agent and investor in Denver, while Ali is a Special Agent turned Real Estate Agent who is now a Military Realtor in Tucson, AZ .

On their 5-star rated podcast, they talk with real-life house hackers, real estate, and other investors to uncover ways to invest actively and passively.


Real Estate Rookie on BiggerPockets

Hosted by Ashley Kehr and Tony J Robinson

Ashley purchased her first rental property in 2014 and has grown her buy-and-hold portfolio to over 30 units. Tony started his investment career by purchasing single-family homes as long-term rentals until he found the tremendous opportunity that short-term rentals provide. Since then, Tony has focused 100% of his efforts on growing his short-term rental business. Tony’s expertise is in building systems and creating the automation needed to manage multiple short-term rentals at once effectively.

With new episodes dropping every Wednesday and Saturday, the hosts, who remember that they were once beginners themselves, break down the most important real estate investing tips for newbies right from the basics with real-world deal analysis, investor interviews, and listener Q&A.


The Millennial Millionaires Through Real Estate

Hosted by Jonathan Farber

Jonathan Farber achieved financial freedom at 27 and left his corporate sales job to focus on long-term rentals, short-term rentals, and airbnb arbitrage.

What started with house hacking at the age of 21 to 25 led to purchasing traditional and short-term rentals with creative acquisition and financing strategies.

His podcast, although on pause currently, is a great source of learning.  Check out – Millennial Millionaires Through Real Estate, where he discussed tangible tips, tricks and best practices for becoming financially free!


The Cash Flow Happy Hour

Hosted by Joshua Baldovino

Joshua’s podcast is all about building income and wealth through real estate.

With an episode dropping every week, he brings in a wealth of knowledge through interviews with real estate investors about the whys and hows of growing their portfolios.  


Find Your Freedom Podcast

Hosted by Lenny & Omid

Lenny and Omid are real estate investors and short-term rental hosts who consider themselves educators.

With this podcast, they uncover what it means to truly find freedom in all aspects of life – financial freedom, personal freedom, or the freedom to live life on your own terms,

Each week, they bring on expert guests and share practical tips and strategies for finding more freedom in your life. Topics range from building wealth, becoming more self-sufficient, and breaking free from the 9-to-5 grind.


Thank you for taking the time to explore our second list of podcasts. We hope you have discovered new names and insights that will help you along your journey to success. Part 3 of our ‘Top STR Podcasts‘ series in now live and focuses on podcasts for hosts and property managers looking to automate processes, boost occupancy and maximize revenue, so don’t forget to check it out!

We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions; please write to us at or DM us on Instagram if you have something to share or if you think there’s a podcast we’ve missed!

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