Italian Luxury Vacation Rental company Domus Verona sees a surge in profitability with PriceLabs

Customer type: Property Manager

Region: Italy

Products: Dynamic Pricing

Number of listings: 25+

PMS: Krossbooking

PriceLabs supported Italian luxury vacation rental company, Domus Verona’s short and long term goals, helping them;

  • Achieve unprecedented growth in revenues, ADR, and overall profitability
  • Successfully navigate the uncertain post-Covid market 
  • Efficiently plan for market fluctuations and save valuable time and resources
  • Make data-driven pricing decisions through reliable market data & metrics
  • Plan and implement their portfolio expansion

Italian Luxury Vacation Rental – Domus Verona

Marco is the owner and general manager of Domus Verona, a successful vacation rental and property management company in Italy. Their primary focus is on providing exceptional comfort and experiences for their foreign guests. A key aspect of their business is the strategic location of their properties, all situated in the historical center of Verona, ensuring easy access to the city’s attractions, particularly the renowned “Arena di Verona”, a major venue for events.


A highly touristic market, Domus Verona experiences fluctuating demand on a daily basis due to local events held at the “Arena di Verona.” This constant variation in demand poses significant challenges for the company, requiring them to invest considerable time and effort in monitoring the local events calendar. By doing so, they aim to stay up-to-date with changes and effectively plan their marketing strategies to maximize revenue from each property. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has added an extra layer of uncertainty and volatility, making it even more cha