How PriceLabs Empowered Hoomy to Lead the Market

PriceLabs Hoomy France

Customer type: Property Manager

Region: Europe – France

Products: Dynamic Pricing,

Number of listings: 1200+

PMS: Avantio

Hoomy, a French Property Management firm founded in 2017, aspired to lead the Second Home (Vacation homes) market in France. As part of the strategy to achieve this goal, Antoine Hervo, Yield Manager at Hoomy wanted to;

  • Streamline market research
  • Optimize pricing based on demand fluctuations
  • Scale growth and expand their property portfolio

Background: Hoomy

Hoomy is a Property Management company founded in 2017 that manages 1200+ properties across various regions in France, including Vendée, Loire-Atlantique, Brittany, and Pyrénées. Over the last two years they have added almost 800 properties to their management portfolio. Antoine Hervo, their dedicated Yield Manager, was responsible for property pricing and management

Antoine Hervo, Yield Manager at Hoomy talks about the impact PriceLabs has had on his business.

Before PriceLabs

Hoomy faced a series of challenges in their second home management endeavors. Complex pricing strategies, intricate rule configurations, time-consuming optimization, and tool transition apprehensions all converged to create a unique set of obstacles.