How PriceLabs helps Andrew of UpStay be in the top 10% performers in his market?

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Andrew Lenjosek from UpStay believes in relying on credible data, his instinct, and the market knowledge he has gathered after years of experience in the industry to set strategies that best serve him and his clients. PriceLabs’ dynamic pricing solutions help him do the same efficiently by providing him with a space that integrates automation, strategy, and intelligence. 

Since he started using PriceLabs, Andrew’s portfolio lies in the 90th percentile, and he is in the top 10% of performers in his market.  Keep reading to know more about how they find PriceLabs helpful in terms of the features that we offer and the revenue output.

About UpStay  

Andrew Lenjosek was an investment banker on wall street before becoming a real estate developer and investor six years ago. He launched his vacation rental business in 2019 in upstate New York. His primary goal was to manage vacation rentals from an investment perspective and outperform the market by combining technology design and vertical integration. 

Andrew manages 350 units, and there are another 100 properties that are under development. These properties are primarily apartment assets, studios, and three-bedroom apartments in Ontario, Ottawa, Toronto Hamilton in Canada, and Florida in America.

Challenges faced by Andrew before using PriceLabs