PriceLabs in French – 2023 French market data

We are excited to unveil the French edition of our PriceLabs platform. As the global leader in dynamic pricing and revenue management solutions for short and medium-term hospitality professionals, we continually strive to simplify the experience for our users. Today, we significantly enhance our platform’s accessibility for French-speaking users.

Our Dedication to French-speaking Markets

Why Develop a French Edition of PriceLabs?

The choice to create a French edition is the result of our profound understanding of the significance and unique aspects of French-speaking markets, spanning from France to Quebec, Belgium to Morocco, Switzerland, and numerous African nations. Considering their cultural and linguistic uniqueness, we pledge to deliver solutions customized to these markets’ needs.

PriceLabs Serving French-speaking Market Operators

PriceLabs enables players in the short-term rental market, whether they are individual hosts, vacation rental managers, short-term rental operators, gîtes, chalets, “meublés de tourisme” or aparthotels, to optimize their rates and occupancy rates in line with demand. We are proud to count several thousand users in France and other French-speaking countries, including Hoomy, Ma Conciergerie en Normandie and AutomaticBnb

Commitment to Delivering Excellence “en français”

Since our inception, we have always strived to provide our French-speaking customers with excellent service. This includes free weekly training courses, monthly webinars on product updates, and customer support in French. The PriceLabs website also features a French version (

Insights into French Short-term Rental (STR) and Seasonal Rental Market

Trends in the French Short-Term Rental Market

The French short-term rental market is extremely dynamic. According to our data:

  • The number of listings on Airbnb in France increased by 22% in one year.
  • France reached a record peak of 805,000 Airbnb listings in February 2023.
  • France is Airbnb’s second-largest market after the United States.
  • The density of listings per km² in France is ten times greater than in the United States.

These figures demonstrate the importance of the French market for short-term rentals and the potential effectiveness of our tool for hosts and property managers in France.

Maximizing Revenues with PriceLabs

To celebrate the launch of the French version of our platform, we dedicated a webinar to recurring questions about the tourist, seasonal and short-term rental market.

Working with Hosts and Property Managers using PriceLabs

In a discussion moderated by Romain with contributions from Marie, we share our experiences of working with French-speaking hosts and service providers. Discover how PriceLabs collaborates with industry professionals in France and other French-speaking countries and the similarities and differences with other markets.

Monitoring and Adapting to Major Events

This section explores how PriceLabs enables you to keep track of and adjust to events. Thibault will introduce you to different perspectives, including major upcoming events such as the Rugby World Cup 2023 and the 2022 Paris Summer Olympic Games. Marie will share real-life adaptation cases for two specific announcements, including one for the Olympic Games in Paris and one for the France-Italy rugby match in Lyon.

Using PriceLabs in French

Our French-language user interface is simple and intuitive. Whether you’re an individual Airbnb host or a property manager in charge of several properties, using Price Labs in French can help you improve your performance.

Switching Language from English to French:

  • Click on the red circle showing your user initials (example: TM) in the top right-hand corner of your browser.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Scroll down to Language Preference.
  • The default setting is English.
  • Click on “English” to open the drop-down menu.
  • Select French.
  • The interface automatically switches to French.
  • You can switch back to English at any time.


Reflecting on Our Commitment

The launch of the French version of PriceLabs is a true affirmation of our commitment to serving French-speaking markets. We are determined to offer our users an optimal user experience, regardless of their language or location.

Invitation to Engage and Provide Feedback

We invite you to try our French version and share your feedback with us. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re always ready to take your suggestions on how to improve our product.

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