Listen Up: Discover The Top Short-Term Rental Podcasts To Tune Into To Stay Ahead Of The Game (Part 1)

Podcasts for new and experienced hosts looking to develop their hosting skills. Get insider knowledge and practical tips on maximizing revenue from short-term rentals with these top podcasts.

In our quest to stay abreast of this inspiring industry that we’re lucky to be a part of, we started the year by putting together a list of the ‘Top Airbnb, Short-term Rental & Real Estate experts to follow in 2023‘. This list features a diverse mix of individuals, including established leaders and rising stars. 

Whether you’re considering dipping your toes in short-term rentals either as a host or an investor, or both, or are already a small host or a property manager managing multiple properties, there will be something here for everyone to discover.

We follow it up with this three-series blog featuring the top podcasters/podcasts in the rental industry. Each speaker on this list has demonstrated expertise and knowledge in their respective fields and has made valuable contributions to the industry. Whether you’re looking to learn from seasoned professionals or discover new voices and perspectives, this list has you covered.

We’ve categorized this list into three parts, with part one listing podcasts for new and experienced hosts looking to develop their hosting skills. Part two and so Part Three are live too, so don’t forget to check them out as well!

From practical tips and tricks to industry insights and expert interviews, these podcasts offer valuable real-world tips, advice, and strategies to help you thrive in the short-term rental space.

Get Paid For Your Pad

Hosted by Jasper Ribbers and Eric Moeller

Jasper, a former equity arbitrage trader, today runs several online businesses. He is the author of two books, including the Amazon bestseller ‘Get Paid For Your Pad – How To Maximize Income From Your Airbnb Listing‘ about how to rent out a property on Airbnb.

Along with his co-host and business partner and hotelier Eric Moeller, the podcast boasts over 500 episodes covering just about any subject related to Airbnb hosting, from industry trends to host fees and adjusting prices to revenue generation to real-life experiences of Airbnb hosts from all around the world.


STR Unfiltered

Hosted by Bill Faeth

A successful Short Term Rental Investor and Host, Bill has experienced firsthand the potential of the Short Term Rental model. In his podcast, Bill breaks down the nitty gritty of Short Term Rental Hosting, giving listeners actionable advice that they can use to take their businesses to the next level. Whether you’re just starting in Short Term Rentals or looking to take your business to new heights, this is one podcast you must have on your listen list.


Thanks For Visiting

Hosted by Sarah Karakaian and Annette Grant

Power-packed duo Sarah and Annette take you behind the scenes to show you the ins and outs of running a hospitality-focused short-term rental. 

On the podcast, you’ll hear creative ways for your listing to stand out, how best to serve your guests, and, most importantly, be profitable. I love this episode where they answer a listener’s questions about setting the right cancellation policy to impact your Airbnb listing positively. 

Whether you’re experienced, new, or looking to jump on the STR bandwagon, there are learnings for everyone on this show! Also, while you’re at it, read our case study, where I interviewed these ladies to hear why they used PriceLabs.


No Vacancy 

Hosted by Natalie Palmer

Natalie went from managing one unit to purchasing her very own property. Today she is a certified Airbnb Ambassador with 18 Airbnb Superhost awards and eight rentals. She is also a full-time rental manager and one-half of the ‘Level up your listing summit’ team, along with Tatianna Taylor Tait.

With a new episode dropping every Wednesday, Natalie’s podcast is focused on helping new and experienced vacation rental hosts turn their listings into fully booked, profitable properties that can be managed from anywhere. She often invites unique and interesting guests, adding a wonderful flavor to her listeners.


STR insiders

Hosted by Tracie Fowler & Jacquie Mosher

A-ha moments, funny stories, and all the latest gossip in the STR space

Tracie and Jacquie are the women behind BNB Curator, an STR management and consulting firm that delivers holistic STR solutions for real estate investors and property managers. Successfully managing their short-term rental portfolios, the duo come together in this podcast with light-hearted but valuable banter about their lives as short-term rental hosts. 

Listen in as Jacquie & Tracie keep it honest, sassy, and funny while celebrating successes and owning mistakes they’ve made.


Let Live Thrive

Hosted by Myka Artis & Steven Che Suarez

This podcast is about Airbnb life, Shareconomy, and everything in between. Hosts Steve and Myka talk take you on a journey of their own experiences with tips, advice, and pointers and invite other experts in the field to share their experiences about the Airbnb/Shareconomy world.


Alex & Annie Vacation Rental Podcast

Hosted by Alex Husner and Annie Holcombe

With more than 35 years of combined experience in vacation rentals, Alex and Annie bring you real stories behind the people and brands that have built vacation rentals into the 100 BILLION dollar industry that it is today.

They love finding the connection between inspiration and opportunity, seeking to find the one story, idea, strategy, or decision that led to a guest’s wow moment.


Vacation Rental Machine

Hosted by Jon Bell & Julian Sage

With over 150 episodes, the Vacation Rental Machine podcast teaches hosts how to start, grow, and scale their vacation rental business. It focuses on creating systems that help you automate your Airbnb business, giving you more time and money to focus on growing your business and revenues


STR Sisterhood

Hosted by Stacey St. John

Stacey St. John built a 7-figure STR portfolio in less than two years and could leave her 9-to-5 thanks to the earnings from her properties. On her 6-month-old podcast, The STR Sisterhood, she shares actionable advice from industry experts and inspiring stories from real women about their experiences, achievements, frustrations, and challenges and how they’ve turned their short-term rental dreams into reality!


Short-Term Rental Success Stories 

Hosted by Julian Sage, speaker and best-selling author of ‘Million Dollar Host’

Via this podcast, Julian interviews short-term rental hosts and experts from across the globe, covering real-life experiences and learning. Topics include starting and scaling from zero to double-digit properties, quitting Airbnb, and going the direct booking route to this throwback episode, where he discusses how to analyze a market with my colleague Anurag Verma, the co-founder here at PriceLabs!


After exploring and curating this list of podcasts, we’ve gained so many new insights and a wealth of knowledge that we hope you will discover too. It has been a pleasure to share these recommendations with you, and we hope they will provide you with valuable information and inspiration.

As we wrap up this list, we encourage you to check out our second list, which focuses on podcasts for those interested in financial independence and investing in real estate, particularly short-term rentals. We also have a third list coming your way, focusing on podcasts for larger hosts and property managers looking to automate processes, increase direct bookings, boost occupancy, and maximize revenue, so stay tuned!

Thank you for joining us on this journey of podcast discovery, and we look forward to sharing our subsequent lists with you soon.

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Please note: This is not a sponsored article. We are sharing the list with the short-term rental owners and managers to increase awareness and education of the industry.

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