27 Helpful Vacation Rental Groups and Forums for Vrbo and Airbnb Hosts

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Managing your vacation rental business requires you to gain a lot of market knowledge. It also mandates you to learn how to manage your vacation rental business. While blogs are a good source of information, you can get more relevant information from people who are working in the same industry. By joining a vacation rental group, you can talk to professionals who personally dealt with all the hosting problems.

There are many online forums and groups you can join to gain a ton of industry knowledge. You will find helpful insights that you can use in your business.  These groups are a great way to share your experiences and find solutions for your problems related to the industry. Such groups also provide the perfect platform to meet like-minded people, industry experts, and fellow hosts that will help you grow your network. 

I have made a list of top vacation rental groups that you can join as a host or property manager. 

Airbnb Host Forums and Groups on Facebook

Facebook is not just a platform where you catch up with old friends from your younger days or post pictures of your kittens and toddlers. There is a whole other side of this social media platform that can help you grow your vacation rental business. 

There are many Facebook groups that you can become a part of. To become a member, most of these groups require that you answer a few questions about your reason for joining. Here are some of the most popular and useful groups you should join  today:

1. Airbnb’s Finest Hosts

Airbnb’s Finest Hosts is an unofficial Airbnb host forum. There are active members who discuss all the latest updates on Airbnb, what other hosts are doing to grow their properties, how to build your vacation rental business, and much more.

2. Short Term Rental University

Short Term Rental University is a group for Airbnb and Vrbo hosts as well as STR entrepreneurs. It is one of the biggest groups with more than 30,000 members to date. The founder and admin of the group, Richard Fertig, is a renowned industry professional with a wealth of experience.

3. Airbnb Professional Hosts 

Airbnb Professional Hosts is also one of the biggest and most active global communities on Facebook. With over 44,000 members, there is always a new post in the group with a long discussion in the comment section. You can find a wealth of information on everything related to vacation rental hosting. 

4. Airbnb Profit Club

Airbnb Profit Club provides you with the perfect platform to connect with industry professionals from around the globe and mutually benefit each other. You can learn from industry experts, share your experiences and stay abreast with the industry trends. 

5. Airbnb Host Club

Airbnb Host Club is one of the biggest Airbnb Host Forums. Here, members not only participate in discussions on various industry-related topics and provide advice to other hosts but, they also regularly share their listings for feedback from fellow professionals.

6. Tech 4 Rentals 

Tech 4 Rentals is a Facebook group of 708 members who talk about advancements in vacation rental technology for property managers and vacation rental hosts. You can find out new tools that will help you with property management, guest messaging and guest experience management, and channel management softwares. 

7. AirBnB / HomeAway / Vacation Rental MasterMind Group

This vacation rental group is a place for vacation rental owners, managers, and service personnel. Here, they can work together, share ideas, and enhance their businesses and services. This group is also for those who want to better understand the financial side of the hosting business. 

8. The Business of Short-Term Rental & Property Management

This group is for industry professionals interested in learning about starting and growing a property management business. In this vacation rental group, managers and would-be managers work together as a community and share information. You will also find conversations on generic topics like marketing, pricing, turnover, cleaning, etc.

9. Rental Scale-Up Community

This is a private Facebook group for the Rental Scale-Up community. They urge fellow rentalpreneurs to share their own hosting tips. Whether you’re an Airbnb management company, a vacation rental manager, a serviced apartment operator, or a homeowner, you’re welcome to join their group. This group has fewer members. But don’t be fooled by the size. Some of the discussions will make you think twice about how you structure and manage your vacation rental operations.

10. Airbnb Empire Start-Up Community

In this Facebook group, you can receive valuable advice if you are interested in setting up and growing your Airbnb business. The focus shifts towards the financial aspect in this Airbnb forum, explaining how you can increase your passive income and gain financial independence through Airbnb in the future.

11. Airbnb/VRBO Vacation Rental Marketing

This group helps vacation rental owners to understand how to market their rental property and attract more guests. Hosts can post about their vacation rentals in the group and get direct bookings through this group. 

12. Short-Term Rental University

This is a public group for Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO hosts, and all Short Term Rental entrepreneurs. The purpose of this group is to help each other grow our short-term rental business by sharing ideas, and best practices, and asking questions for fellow members to answer in a positive and constructive way.

13. Airbnb Host Community 

Airbnb Host Community is one of the more active groups where you can post about your problems related to your rental business and receive solutions from fellow hosts. You can also share your stories, get tips and advice and learn the industry trends. 

Vacation Rental Groups on LinkedIn

While LinkedIn is a platform where you can showcase your experience and skills, it is also a place where you can connect with other professionals in the vacation rental industry. The following are some of the groups that you should join to grow your knowledge of the vacation rental industry and your business. 

14. Vacation Rental Professionals – The Vacation Rentals Group

This LinkedIn group’s goal is to be a source of information and a place where members can find peer-to-peer support so that the industry as a whole can grow. From cottages to vacation homes, there are many different types of rental properties that get discussed. 

15. Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA)

This is the official LinkedIn community for the VRMA or Vacation Rental Management Association. It caters to the needs of professional vacation and holiday rental suppliers and managers across the globe.

16. Vacation Rental Distribution and Marketing

It is a comparatively smaller vacation rental group as compared to the other communities mentioned in this blog. However, the members post crucial information regarding how to market your vacation rental and attract more bookings.

17. Vacation Rental News and Information

The Vacation Rental News and Information group help hosts and property managers to be abreast with the most trending news regarding the industry.

18. Vacation Rental Industry

You can find all the latest vacation rental news and best practices on this group. Members also discuss potential industry-related threats and how to deal with them.

19. Vacation Rentals Worldwide

Professionals from the vacation rental and holiday home industry have joined this vacation rental group. They discuss the challenges, benefits, and possibilities for growth in this business.

20. Vacation Rental Sales and Marketing 

It is a group that facilitates mutual learning and growth of vacation rental industry professionals by sharing their winning sales and marketing strategies.

21. AVROA or Association Of Vacation Rental Operators & Affiliates

AVROA believes when vacation rental owners work together, they can support each other and grow together. The group focuses on imparting industry knowledge, educating new and existing vacation rental managers and owners, and facilitating collaborations.

Vacation Rental Groups on Reddit

Reddit is another popular platform that people use to have active discussions on various topics. Vacation rental hosts and property managers also use Reddit to hold discussions about their ongoing problems and understand the industry trends in various vacation rental groups.

Here are a few communities you can join on Reddit:

22. Homeaway, VRBO, VacationRentals.com, and general vacation rental discussion

This is a small community where hosts from various vacation rental platforms come and post their vacation rentals for rent in order to get direct bookings. Not only that, vacation rental hosts also talk about their experiences, the new industry trends, and issues they are facing in their businesses. 

23. Airbnb Hosts

You can join this Airbnb host forum if you want to learn everything about hosting on Airbnb. Vacation rental hosts also post questions regarding general hosting problems, pricing strategies, industry trends, etc. 

24. VRBO: vacation rental by owner

VRBO: vacation rental by owner /r/vrbo is a subreddit intended to share information regarding the practice of vacation rental by owner. If you have or want information regarding renting properties then you can ask or share it over here. You can also freely advertise your property to rent out or rent a property in this community.

25. Airbnb

This is a large Airbnb host forum with over 300,000 members which comprises both hosts and guests. Here, you will see discussions from guests as well as hosts’ points of view which will give a good insight into what your guests actually want and what pain points are they experiencing that you can resolve. 

26. Hosting tactics for your vacation rental

In this community of 4400 members, you will primarily find discussion threads around various hosting issues that vacation rental owners and managers face. People usually come here with unique problems that they are facing which will give you valuable insight into different kinds of situations that other hosts are facing and prepare you for them in the future. 

27. Short Term Rentals

This is a subreddit for discussion about short-term rentals by owners, hosts, and property managers. You will also benefit from joining this community if you are just getting started or growing your STR/vacation rental business. You can ask questions, learn to get more bookings and how to manage guests, and much more.

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