Driving Business Growth: Gramado’s Success with PriceLabs

Saviani Nunes, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Achei Gramado

Customer type: Property Manager

Region: Brazil

Number of listings: 120+

PMS: Stays

Gramado was started about 4 years ago  by Saviani and Erones. They currently manage 120 properties, of different profiles – from smaller studio properties, to properties with 5 bedrooms, apartments and houses, ranging from  the upper middle segment to luxury properties.

PriceLabs has helped them

  • Save time on operational tasks and focus on strategic decisions
  • Optimizing pricing by comparing competitor prices and market data 
  • Optimize revenue through aligned ‘Minimum Stay’ rules.
  • Keep pricing relevant through timely nudges and alerts 

Before PriceLabs

When their property portfolio was 50 units, price management was manual. The analysis of the market and trends was done with knowledge already acquired from previous experience. As the portfolio grew, Saviani found it extremely difficult to keep up with bookings, optimally price his nights and   enforce  minimum stay policies. This ended up generating errors in bookings and prices below market value because there was a lot of demand in that period and prices were not updated and optimized. Although his results were satisfactory, the main reason he needed an automated pricing solution was to regain control of his portfolio.

After PriceLabs

Ability to compare prices of competitors and others in the market

By utilizing PriceLabs’ Neighbourhood data he was able to study and compare his pricing with that of others in the market, making him better equipped to devise his own pricing strategy.

Optimize revenue through ‘Minimum Stay’ rules

Using PriceLabs’  minimum night suggestion tool, he was able to ensure that both prices and minimum stays are in line with the market, thereby maximizing revenue potential.

In a nutshell, we looked at length of stay patterns for similar properties within the area (for example, in your location, 56.1% of nights booked are for stays of 5 nights or more) and found the right balance to maximize revenue.

Optimize prices thanks to Base Price adjustment alerts

PriceLabs’ Base Price Adjustment alerts, reassess his current base price by comparing not only market data, but also the conversion performance of each property, ensuring better price optimization, and positively impacting revenue.

Base price alerts are displayed on the main dashboard when PriceLabs’ suggestion is greater or less than 5% of the property’s base price.

Time saved

Another very important factor was the saving of operating time, allowing time to be gained to focus on strategic decisions for your business.

Recommending PriceLabs

The implementation of dynamic pricing has been crucial for us to ensure conversions happen at precisely the right moment, striking that delicate equilibrium between demand and price.

Since adopting PriceLabs, my attention has shifted towards monitoring and analyzing behavioral patterns rather than merely reacting to individual actions. This shift has relieved me of many concerns and granted me the luxury of dedicating more time to shaping our broader strategic business choices.

Saviani Nunes, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Achei Gramado, Brazil

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