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BONUS: Each person you refer gets a 30-day free trial of PriceLabs Dynamic Pricing, one Market Dashboard & $10 in PriceLabs credit!

PriceLabs Affiliate Program

Join the PriceLabs Affiliate Program and share the world of Dynamic Pricing with your audiences worldwide

The PriceLabs Affiliate Program is open to anyone across the globe looking to educate and introduce their audiences to the world of Dynamic Pricing.

How it works

Step 1 : Sign up

Step 2 : Promote PriceLabs

Step 3 : Start Earning

Are you a PriceLabs customer? We also have a Referral Program

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we do have a referral program. First we’d like to say THANK YOU for being a valued PriceLabs customer. We sincerely appreciate your interest in referring us and supporting our business. We provide a referral link, unique to your PriceLabs account, that you can share with friends. This link can be found under the BILLING > REFER & EARN section of your PriceLabs account. When a user signs up using your referral code and pays their first PriceLabs Dynamic Pricing invoice, both you & your friend get a $10 credit to your PriceLabs credit. Read more about our Referral Program.

Yes, as a PriceLabs user and a member of our referral program you upgrade to our Affiliate program. Simply fill in Affiliate sign up form, and we’ll get back to you soon.

Yes, anyone can become a PriceLabs affiliate! Podcast hosts, bloggers, coaches, influencers, property managers, revenue managers are eligible. Apply for PriceLabs’ Affiliate Program

Fill in the Affiliate Form and once we approve you, we’ll send your more detailed information about accessing your affiliate link & dashboard.

Our application process serves as a quality check to ensure the excellence of our affiliate program while giving us a chance to welcome you aboard.

Rejections are rare. We prioritize building a trusted network where every affiliate has the potential to succeed. We focus on screening applicants for authenticity, maintaining program quality, and offering tailored support to our affiliates. 

They get
  1. A 30-day free trial of our Dynamic Pricing tool and can add as many listings as they wish
  2. 1 free Market Dashboard valid for 30 days
  3. $10 in PriceLabs credit that will automatically be reduced from their first bill
  • We pay you 10% of the first 12 PriceLabs Dynamic Pricing invoices of every customer that you refer.
  •  Payouts are made every month in the form of PriceLabs Credits.
    • For PriceLabs Users
      • These credits will be applied automatically to your monthly Dynamic Pricing bill, reducing the amount you need to pay or potentially making it entirely free, based on the number of referrals you convert. 
      • If you have an excess of credits, and do not want to carry them over to the next month, you can request to have them transferred to your PayPal account or bank account provided the excess exceeds $50 at the end of any given quarter.
      • To avail this option: Please email us at by the 25th of the quarter (Months – December, March, June, September). Payments will be processed by the 10th of the following month.
    • For non-users of PriceLabs
      • These credits can be converted to $$$ and paid out through your PayPal account or directly to your bank account.
      • Payouts will be once every quarter. (In January, April, July & October)
      • Our  team will handle this but, if you have any questions feel free to write to us at 
Once you fill out the Affiliate form, you will receive an email with the date on which the 10% commission will be applicable. This 10% is not applied retroactively for referrals made earlier to this date.
  • We have a one-month free trial and only charge customers at the end of a billing period
  • Hence, the affiliate credit to your account can take up to 2 months from when someone uses your referral code
  • To be tracked to your account it is important that your referral uses your link and ensures that the code is entered in the ‘Referral Code’ box of their Sign up form
  • The Affiliate program and code only works with our Dynamic Pricing tool and not our Market Dashboard tool
  • The Affiliate program works only for new accounts. If someone already has an account with PriceLabs, they cannot take advantage of your Affiliate code.

Simply Log in to your PriceLabs account. Click on your initials on the top right corner of your screen. Go to Billing > Refer & Earn. Here you will find your code as well as your tracking information.

No, currently, the program does not cover Market Dashboard purchases.

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