How Oli Walsh increased his income by 15-25%!!

Type: Apartments

Area: Cities

Revilo Properties specializes in socially responsible property development and investment in the North of England. Together with the CMO of, Iva Soldo, we enjoyed talking to our mutual user Oli Walsh from Revilo properties on his choice of tech stack! Stay with us for the full story on how they efficiently automated their business and achieved great results!

Oli, tell us about your company. How long have you been in business? What’s the backstory?

About three years ago, I started doing property investment. Before that, I was working for seven years in technology as a project manager at IBM. Liverpool is much cheaper to invest in property than London, so I bought some affordable 2-bed mid-terrace houses in Liverpool and started renting them out. I grew my portfolio quite quickly. I got up to around 12 houses in about 18 months or so, and I’m now at 20 and growing fast!

As I was starting up, I went to various property networking events, and everyone was talking about vacation rentals. It was a big buzzword a couple of years ago, and I had stayed in many Airbnb’s over the years.

So, when one of my tenants left a from a properties, I decided to turn that one into a full time serviced accommodation unit. This property was very close to Liverpool Football Club’s Anfield stadium. A popular destination!

The returns on investment for serviced apartment were