Property Manager Willy Chang shares his experience with PriceLabs’ Hyper Local Pulse algorithm.

Customer type: Property Manager

Region: North America

Products: Dynamic Pricing, Market Dashboards

Number of listings: 200+

PMS: Guesty

Willy Chang, co-owner of Marbella Lane Vacation Rentals, credits much of his company’s success to PriceLabs. He emphasizes the collaboration of PriceLabs’ co-founders with users, continuously listening, understanding, addressing needs and improving features. This consistent partnership is the reason he confidently chooses PriceLabs year after year.

PriceLabs has helped Marbella Lane;

  • Excel in competitive, oversupplied markets.
  • Maximize income and bookings by seizing crucial last-minute dates.
  • Analyze market data for strategic planning and better decision-making

Background: Willy Chang & Marbella Lane Vacation Rentals

With a background in the Hotel Industry, having worked as the CTO at the Payne Mansion Hotel in San Francisco, Willy Chang is now the co-owner of Marbella Lane, a Property Management company managing over 200+ vacation rental homes in San Francisco, Hawaii, and Los Angeles. Marbella Lane focuses on managing properties located in highly constrained environments (markets with stringent controls and restrictions on the availability of permits for short-term rentals). He is committed to protecting homeowners’ returns.