PriceLabs in Italian – 2023 Italian Market Data

We’re excited to announce that we’re offering our Italian-speaking customers an even better experience. In addition to the training, customer support, and account management already provided in Italian, our product interface is now also available in Italian!

Our Dedication to the Italian Market

PriceLabs enables players in the vacation rental market, whether they are individual hosts or seasoned vacation rental managers, to optimize their rates and occupancy in line with the market demand. We are proud to have hundreds of users in the Italian market, including companies like Host4U, CleanBnB, and Check in Check Out Facile. 

Trends in the Italian Vacation Rental Market

The Italian short-term rental market is growing at a rapid pace. According to our data:

  • The number of listings on Airbnb in Italy increased by 21% from 406 000 [Jan 2021] to 493 000 [May 2023]
  • Italy is Airbnb’s third-largest market after the United States and France
  • The top 3 regions in Italy in terms of the number of listings are Tuscany [66 000], Sicily [58 000], and Lombardy [52 000]

Maximizing Revenue in the Italian Market

To celebrate the launch of the Italian version of our platform, we dedicated a webinar to recurring questions about the Italian market. Also, it features tactics on how to maximize revenue for vacation rental hosts and property managers.

In a discussion hosted by Alessandro Poncini from PriceLabs with a special guest Matteo Ceccaroni from Turidea, we covered the latest trends in the Italian vacation rental market, including the basics of Revenue Management like Average daily rate, Occupancy rate, and RevPAR with current examples from the Italian market. Watch it here:

Getting Started with PriceLabs in Italian

Our Italian-language user interface is simple and intuitive. Whether you’re an individual host or a property manager in charge of several properties, using Price Labs in Italian can help you improve your performance.

How To Switch to the Italian Interface:

Switching the default language from English to Italian is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Login to PriceLabs
  • Click on the globe icon next to your user initials in the top right corner. This can be done from any page within the product
  • Select ‘Italian’
  • Remember, you can always revert back to English by following the same steps

Reflecting on Our Commitment

Even though we have been catering to the Italian market in the English language from the beginning, the launch of the Italian language highlights our commitment to serving Italian-speaking users. It is our aim to offer an optimal user experience, regardless of their language or location.

We invite you to try our Italian version and share your feedback. We’re always keen to take your suggestions on how PriceLabs can better serve you.

Here’s What Our Italian Customers Have To Say About Us

“Con Pricelabs finalmente sento la tranquillità di vendere le strutture sempre al prezzo adeguato senza dover continuamente verificare la situazione vendite sui calendari. Questo mi consente di risparmiare tanto tempo, garantire efficienza ai miei clienti e massimizzare I guadagni per entrambe le parti.”  – Anna Rita Tessitore, Cofounder & CEO Check in Check Out Facile

“Collaboriamo con Pricelabs da parecchio tempo e dopo una fase di studio aiutati dallo staff, ci siamo evoluti e siamo riusciti ad integrare perfettamente il servizio alla nostra organizzazione, permettendoci di lavorare serenamente e massimizzare i profitti. Diciamo che se si vuole passare ad un livello superiore, è consigliatissimo.” – Nicolas Bettoni, Property Manger, Host4U

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