PriceLabs Launches Spanish Version for Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management Tools

At PriceLabs, we’re proud to announce the launch of our Spanish-language version. Our dynamic pricing and revenue management software has revolutionized the hospitality industry, helping businesses increase revenue and save time. This development promises to make using our product easier for hosts and property managers in Spanish-speaking countries.

The Spanish-language version allows users to navigate the product more easily and understand how it works, leading to increased listings performance and improved user productivity.

“We are thrilled to offer this Spanish version of our software,” said Richie Khandelwal, Co-founder of PriceLabs. “This improvement will provide customers in Spanish-speaking countries an easier way to navigate our product and understand how it works.”

PriceLabs has thousands of satisfied customers in Spanish-speaking countries who have praised our onboarding process, weekly training sessions, product updates, and customer support in Spanish. The release of this localized version further demonstrates our commitment to providing an exceptional user experience worldwide.

Companies like Hostpal in Mexico, , , in Spain, and in Panama rely on our services. Ashley Ureña from Hostpal says that working with us has helped them maximize profitability for each listing by adjusting key factors such as prices, discounts, and length of stay.

This launch marks an important milestone for PriceLabs as we continue expanding into new markets worldwide. With plans underway for localized versions in French, Italian, and Portuguese – we’re committed to making our software even more accessible to hospitality businesses of all sizes.

Illustration: Pacing of Barcelona's short-term rental market as of late February 2023
Illustration: Pacing of Barcelona’s short-term rental market as of late February 2023

According to our analysis, Barcelona is at its prime for beach and outdoor events from April to July, with a higher demand this year than last year. However, a slight slowdown in June follows the Spanish Grand Prix event (2-4 June 2023). Additionally, there is a small increase in demand on October 24, possibly due to the Convention on Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

Illustration: Pacing of Madrid’s short-term rental market as of late February 2023
Illustration: Pacing of Madrid’s short-term rental market as of late February 2023

In Madrid, peak tourist seasons are Spring (March to May) and Fall (September to November). Although demand was lower in January compared to 2022, overall tourism in Madrid is expected to increase throughout 2023.

These insights are particularly relevant for Spanish-speaking property owners and property managers who can now access them more easily through our new Spanish-language version of our dynamic pricing and revenue management platform. In addition, the localized version will allow you to navigate the platform more efficiently while making data-driven decisions based on current market trends.

In conclusion – if you want dynamic pricing and revenue management services that are easy to use yet powerful enough to help you maximize your profitability – give PriceLabs a try! Our upcoming localized versions cater to your needs while offering excellent support and tools that can transform your business.

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