Bookerville and PriceLabs integration

PriceLabs and Bookerville have been working for a long time now. This integration allows vacation rental owners and managers using Bookerville to take advantage of PriceLabs’ powerful revenue management platform.

Thousands of properties leverage the PriceLabs to manage rates and minimum stay, increasing revenue and decreasing time they spend every day!

About Bookerville

Bookerville, LLC is a privately owned software company founded by John Amato and Cindy Amato, with a combined 35 years of experience in the software industry. We are based in Loudoun County, Virginia, which has long been an important area in technology development. Drawn by the presence of potential business partners, along with the region's focus on technology and innovation, Bookerville opened its doors in 2009 in Ashburn, VA.


How to connect: Follow these steps to connect PriceLabs with Bookerville.

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