Ciirus – PriceLabs integration

Note 1: For PriceLabs to sync prices to Ciirus, it is important that min-stay be specified for each date in PriceLabs. For more information on how to do this, please read setting dynamic min-stay from PriceLabs.

Note 2: When PriceLabs updates prices to your Ciirus calendars, it does not change any check-in/check-out restrictions. However, for the new seasons we create (for dates that go beyond the last season you had) the check-in/check-out restrictions get copied from the last season you had. Please make sure that this last season has check-in and check-out enabled on all days, otherwise the new seasons we add will now allow those either.

We're super excited to announce our integration with Ciirus! Ciirus is a complete vacation rental software suite offering website design, online booking, CRM, booking channel services, property management tools and more to help you grow your business! Vendors, House Keepers and Staff can access CiiRUS via their own dedicated platforms keeping you up-to-date 24/7. The software also provides flexible accounting, tax processing, and custom reporting. Your Home Owners will always be kept in the loop with their own online Reservation, Accounting & Quoting Engine.

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Christian Eriksen, Co-founder Nord Collection

Using PriceLabs, we managed to grow our average length of stay from 3.1 nights to 4.3 nights, an increase of almost 40%. In the same period, we grew the revenue of these listings by more than 10%, even though we had lesser (but longer) stays.

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