Welcoming Rental Scale-Up and Thibault Masson into the PriceLabs family!

Pricelabs acquires rental scale up

PriceLabs joins hands with Rental Scale-Up and Thibault Masson to deliver market insights and in-depth, actionable news to hosts and property managers.

In 2014, as we were launching the first version of PriceLabs, I wrote to Thibault Masson, the founder of Rental Scale-Up. I wanted to connect with him to spread the word about revenue management and our just-released software. Over the years, our respective teams have kept in touch, meeting at conferences worldwide, creating articles and videos to educate the industry about dynamic pricing, or just catching up. 

Today, I’m excited to announce that the team behind RentalScaleUp.com, one of the leading short-term rental industry news & analysis website, is joining the PriceLabs family. This partnership will further our commitment to helping short-term rental entrepreneurs and teams get timely insights to make their businesses successful.

At PriceLabs, we started with a simple mission of helping small businesses in our industry. We have focussed on creating content via our blog, webinars, conference presentations, etc., that would help individuals in our industry learn about dynamic pricing and revenue management better. Having recently completed eight years in the industry, we believe our content should go beyond writing whitepapers and functional specs for our users. Instead, we want to help the whole industry grow by providing key insights and in-depth analysis- whether they use PriceLabs or not.

To build on this mission, we’ve acquired Rental Scale-Up, a beloved and respected voice in the short-term rental industry. Through their website, free weekly newsletter, YouTube channel, and monthly online conference, the Rental Scale-Up team, has shared carefully researched articles about vacation rental business practices, market data insights, and technology news. They’ve often broken the news about new features that Airbnb was about to deliver, marketing tactics that large property management used, and actionable tips that vacation rental owners could implement.

By acquiring Rental Scale-Up, we’ll be able to deliver vacation rental business practices and market data insights in multiple content formats. We’ll preserve the independence of their editorial line. 

Personally, I’m also happy that Thibault is joining us, as we share personal links with Chicago, where PriceLabs is headquartered, and a shared vision of how great educational content can help the industry grow and our company thrive. In addition, Thibault has years of experience in product marketing, gained at Booking.com and through consulting work for several vacation rental tech companies. His skills will help us better articulate the value of PriceLabs’ solutions and develop educational programs for owners and property managers.

We have several interesting updates lined up in the coming months, and I am excited with Thibault joining – we will be able to do justice to the products and features our team has been working on!


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