How vacation rental managers benefit from the PriceLabs x Key Data partnership

PriceLabs + Keydata

At PriceLabs, finding new ways to improve the price predictions we deliver to you, our customers, keeps us up at night. As a leading provider of dynamic pricing and revenue management solutions, our job is to find the best allies in the short-term rental industry to deliver on this promise consistently. It’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Key Data, the leading provider of trusted vacation rental market data. What better day to announce this collaboration but on August 8, 2022, the first day of the 4th annual Vacation Rental Data and Revenue Management (DARM).

PriceLabs and Key Data have joined forces to refine further the quality of the dynamic pricing, minimum stay recommendations, booking pace predictions, and other critical short-term rental revenue management data delivered to PriceLabs customers. PriceLabs will add Key Data’s unparalleled access to the market data from 2,600+ property managers, notably in traditional U.S. vacation rental markets, to its industry-leading list of robust and varied data sources.

“We have an easy-to-use interface that allows short-term rental operators to combine our AI and algorithms with their unique knowledge of the local market and property. Our partnership with Key Data gives us access to even more accurate data, ensuring that our customers always get the best possible pricing recommendations”, said our co-founder Anurag Verma.

The direct source data from Key Data will help PriceLabs to improve it’s prediction algorithms about whether a property is unavailable because it’s booked by a guest, owner-occupied, or blocked by the property manager, resulting in optimized occupancy and pricing predictions for our customers.

“Data is key to the success of any vacation & short-term rental operator. We’re excited that our data will help refine PriceLabs’ pricing algorithms”, added Jason Sprenkle, CEO of Key Data. “Our two companies share a data-oriented culture, deep expertise in the industry, and a focus on the needs of their customers. We couldn’t be happier about getting together to serve professional managers better and help them increase their revenues. Our unique market data will help fuel PriceLabs’ pricing algorithms to remain at the forefront of the industry.” 

PriceLabs and Key Data will participate in a free-to-attend online conference on August 25 at 11 AM EST, organized by Rental Scale-Up. We will discuss ways to protect and increase your revenues during softening demand and recession. They will also cover the benefits of their partnerships for their respective clients.

You can sign up for the 1-hour online conference by clicking here.

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