Free Tools by PriceLabs for the Rental Industry

Free tools by PriceLabs


  • Portfolio Analytics: PriceLabs offers insights into property performance, aiding in reporting, revenue strategy, listing optimization, and market comparisons.
  • Revenue Estimator: Estimate earnings, maximize profits, control pricing, and gain market insights with this tool.
  • World STR Index: Track global short-term rental market performance, compare metrics, visualize trends, and pace your upcoming year.
  • Airbnb Description GeneratorSTRings: Generate captivating titles and descriptions using AI technology, enhancing your listing’s appeal and bookings.
  • Booking Analyzer: Analyze data, assess performance metrics, gain pricing insights, and access real-time data to enhance revenue management.
  • Vacation Rental Industry Events: Discover networking opportunities, gain knowledge, find innovation, and stay informed by attending relevant industry events.

Property management is no easy feat. The ability to optimize pricing, analyze market trends, and make data-driven decisions is paramount to your success. Recognizing these challenges, PriceLabs, a renowned dynamic pricing and revenue management tool, offers a suite of essential free tools tailored specifically for property managers. This blog will explore these invaluable resources and how they can help property managers like you maximize profitability and streamline operations.

1. World STR Index:

The World STR Index by PriceLabs is a free tool for tracking short-term rental market performance worldwide. It offers data from 2021 to the next year, refreshed monthly. Key features include:

  • Compare: Compare year-over-year metrics like active listings, occupancy rates, RevPAR, and ADR.
  • Trend: Visualize how metrics have changed over the past years.
  • Pacing: Compare upcoming year metrics to the previous year for occupancy, ADR, and RevPAR.
PriceLabs Free Tools: World STR  Index
World STR Index

2. Revenue Estimator:

The Revenue Estimator by PriceLabs is a tool designed to help property owners, hosts, and property managers estimate the potential earnings from their rentals. It calculates revenue and other key metrics like Average Daily Rate (ADR) and Occupancy based on historical data. Here’s how to use it:

  • Estimate Earnings: The Revenue Estimator tells you the revenue any average listing/property can earn in that area.
Revenue Estimator
Revenue Estimator

3. Airbnb Description Generator:

STRings: Airbnb Title and Description Generator is a powerful tool that harnesses Artificial Intelligence to generate compelling and relevant titles and descriptions for your Airbnb listings in seconds. Here’s a summary of what it does:

  • Instant Creation: STRings uses AI technology, specifically ChatGPT, to create personalized and engaging titles and descriptions for your Airbnb listings.
  • Boost Bookings: Crafting a well-crafted title and description is crucial for attracting more guests, improving your booking rate, and making your listings stand out in the crowded Airbnb marketplace.
  • First Impression: Your title and description are often the first things potential guests see. They play a pivotal role in their decision to book your property, making it essential to have an attention-grabbing and informative description.
  • User-Friendly: Whether you’re a seasoned host or new to Airbnb, STRings makes it easy to generate captivating content that can significantly impact your property’s booking success.

It’s important to note that this is an exploratory project. While the generated content is AI-powered, it’s recommended to proofread and fine-tune the final titles and descriptions to ensure they align perfectly with your property’s unique features and offerings.

STRings: Airbnb Description Generator
STRings: Airbnb Description Generator

4. Booking Analyzer:

Booking Analyzer is a powerful tool offered by PriceLabs designed to help vacation rental owners and property managers make informed decisions regarding their rental properties. Here’s a summary of what it does:

  • Data Analysis: Booking Analyzer quickly analyzes various metrics related to your vacation rental business, providing valuable insights.
  • Performance Metrics: It allows you to assess the performance of your rental properties by analyzing key metrics such as occupancy rates, revenue, and average daily rates.
  • Pricing Insights: By examining these metrics, you can better understand how your pricing strategies affect your business and identify areas where you can optimize pricing to maximize revenue.
  • Real-Time and Free: Booking Analyzer is a real-time tool, and, best of all, it’s free, making it accessible and invaluable for property owners and managers looking to enhance their revenue management.

Whether you have a handful of properties or an extensive portfolio, Booking Analyzer equips you with the data-driven insights you need to make informed decisions and drive profitability in the vacation rental industry.

Booking Analyzer
Booking Analyzer

5. Portfolio Analytics:

Portfolio Analytics is a valuable feature provided by PriceLabs that offers property managers and hosts insights into their vacation rental portfolio performance. It helps you analyze data related to occupancy rates, average daily rates (ADR), revenue per available room (RevPAR), and other key metrics to make data-driven decisions about your pricing strategy. 

You must sign up on PriceLabs and add listings to your PriceLabs account to access Portfolio Analytics. Here’s how to use PriceLabs Portfolio Analytics

  • Reporting: Provides a high-level overview of property performance, including monthly revenue numbers and listing-level insights.
  • Revenue Strategy: Offers insights into reservation trends like Length of Stay (LOS) and booking windows, aiding in pricing and minimum stay adjustments.
  • Identifying Underperforming Listings: Easily spot and modify underperforming listings. Utilize a scatter chart to make pricing changes.
  • Market Comparisons: Compare occupancy, ADR, RevPAR, and revenue with the market using the Market Dashboard.
PriceLabs Portfolio Analytics
PriceLabs Portfolio Analytics

6. Vacation Rental Industry Events:

The Vacation Rental Industry Events page PriceLabs offers a comprehensive list of events, conferences, and expos relevant to short-term and vacation rental industry professionals. Here’s why you should attend these events: 

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers and experts globally.
  • Knowledge Enhancement: Learn and grow in the field.
  • Innovation and Inspiration: Find fresh ideas and stay motivated.
  • Stay Informed: Keep track of upcoming events worldwide.

These tools and topics are valuable resources for property managers and hosts in the vacation rental industry, enabling them to make informed decisions, maximize profits, and stay competitive in this dynamic and ever-evolving market.

Team PriceLabs Attending Vacation Rental Industry Events
Team PriceLabs Attending Vacation Rental Industry Events

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