PriceLabs in Portuguese – 2023 Brazilian Market Data

Pricelabs in Portuguese

We’re excited to launch a more accessible version of PriceLabs to our Portuguese-speaking audience. In addition to the training, customer support, and account management already provided in Portuguese, our product interface is now also available in Portuguese (Brazil)!

Our Dedication to the Brazilian Market

PriceLabs enables players in the vacation rental market, whether individual hosts or seasoned vacation rental managers, to maximize their revenues by optimizing their rates and occupancy per market demand. We are proud to have hundreds of users in the Brazilian market, including companies like Anfitrião Prime, Locatemporada, and Achei Gramado. We are also officially integrated with all the major Property Management Systems like, Talkguest, Avantio, Guesty, and 100+ more.

Trends in the Brazilian Vacation Rental Market

The Brazilian short-term rental market is growing at a rapid pace. According to our data:

  • The number of listings on Airbnb in Brazil increased by 46.2% from 262 000 [Jan 2021] to 487 000 [Jul 2023]
  • Brazil is Airbnb’s fourth-largest market after the United States, France and Italy
  • The top 3 regions in Brazil in terms of the number of listings are Sao Paulo [128 858], Rio de Janeiro [82 241], and Santa Catarina [75 740]
  • Despite all the growth in Airbnb listings, 80% of the properties in Brazil do not use dynamic pricing. This makes for an exciting opportunity for vacation rental managers to tap into to increase their revenues

Maximizing Revenue in the Brazilian Market

To celebrate the launch of the Brazilian version of our platform, we dedicated a webinar to help our Brazilian users understand the market dynamics. It also features strategies on how to maximize revenue for vacation rental hosts and property managers.

In a discussion hosted by Joana & Fausto from PriceLabs with a special guest Romulo Villela from Canal do Anfitrião, we covered the latest trends in the Brazilian vacation rental market, including the basics of Revenue Management like Average daily rate, Occupancy rate, and RevPAR with current examples from the Brazilian market from PriceLabs’ own data.

Getting Started with PriceLabs in Portuguese

Our Portuguese-language user interface is simple and intuitive. Whether you’re an individual host or a property manager in charge of several properties, using PriceLabs in Portuguese can help you improve your performance.

How To Switch to the Portuguese Interface

Switching the default language from English to Portuguese is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Login to PriceLabs
  • Click on the globe icon next to your user initials in the top right corner. This can be done from any page within the product
  • Select ‘Portuguese’
  • Remember, you can always revert to English by following the same steps

Reflecting on Our Commitment

Even though we have been catering to the Brazilian market in English from the beginning, the launch of the Portuguese user interface highlights our commitment to serving Portuguese-speaking users. We aim to offer an optimal user experience, regardless of their language or location.

We invite you to try our Portuguese version and share your feedback. We’re always keen to take your suggestions on how PriceLabs can serve you better.

Here’s What Our Portuguese Customers Have To Say About Us

“A implementação da precificação dinâmica tem sido crucial para garantirmos que as conversões aconteçam exatamente no momento certo, atingindo esse delicado equilíbrio entre demanda e preço. Desde que adotei o PriceLabs, minha atenção mudou para monitorar e analisar padrões de comportamento, em vez de meramente reagir a ações individuais. Essa mudança me aliviou de muitas preocupações e me deu o luxo de dedicar mais tempo para moldar nossas escolhas estratégicas de negócios mais amplas.”  – Saviani Nunes, Co-Fundador, Achei Gramado, Brasil

“Pricelabs é uma ferramenta que me proporciona unir os dados que jamais um ser humano teria condições de fazer com a minha estratégia personalizada de precificação. Essa mistura entre dados e cérebro humano é imbatível.” – Rômulo Villela, Fundador, Canal do Anfitrião, Brasil

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